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Your Cats – 9th April 2014

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

My Missy Bojangles, she loves to have her belly petted. Sent in by Kerri Baldwin:

9th april 1

Mac is my birthday gift…cute or what. Sent in by Frankie Mc:

9th april 2

My beautiful Ragdoll, Alabama! Sent in by Ani Parr:

9th april 3

My boys love each other. Sent in by Julie Mitchell:

9th april 4

My cat MaiTai and her box! Sent in by Nyeca Chino:

9th april 5

Panda Bear with his winter “lion’s mane”. Sent in by Karen Desmarais:

9th april 6

This is Misty, our gorgeous rescue cat. Sent in by Sally Young-Gandee:

9th april 7

My cat Hector resting. Sent in by Michelle Boyd:

9th april 8

Sushi. Sent in by Mireille Ammoury Eid:

9th april 9

My Lilah love. Sent in by Rachael DeLille White:

9th april 10

My Doodoo Brown. Sent in by Amber Rose:

9th april 11

My gorgeous girls, Smudge and Bootsie! Smudge likes to think Bootsie is her baby! Sent in by Emma Macfarlane:

9th april 12

Our dearest baby Felix! Sent in  by Anastasia Baliakou:

9th april 13

This is my Fluff Ball Lily, sleeping in one of her favourite places – the bathroom sink. Sent in by Tammy Dee:

9th april 14

My fur baby Tilly, she is a 8 month old lovable beauty now. Sent in by Caz Ashton:

9th april 15

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.


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