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Your Cats – December 2016

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

Our new addition❤️  Sent in by Julie Farrell‎:


Where are the puppies? Sent in by Sheetal Amaresh:

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Dusty sleeping on my lap. Sent in by Ed Impara:

Ed Impara

Kitty waiting on a snack was sent in by Patty Segarra-Robles:


This cute kitty was sent in by Tom Miller‎:

Tom Miller‎
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This is Lexi and was sent in by Carole Bromley‎:


Our cat Marco also loves to swing he loves it so much that he has his own swing in the basement. Sent in by Hannah Miller‎:


Isn’t she beautiful ? Love her so much. Sent in by Yelle Ergo:

Yelle Ergo

Mama and her mini-me. Sent in by Rebecca Martin‎:

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This great pic was sent in by Nicky Braganza:


This little cutie was sent in by Adeline Pagan‎:


Cat in a box was sent in by Maureen Crosbie Oneill‎:

Maureen Crosbie Oneill‎

This is Honey and was sent in by Selam Selam‎:


This is CreamPuff (PuffPuff) he is just over 2 months old. Sent in by Melanie Marshall:

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Zeus the fluffball, sent in by Darren Hill‎:


My love bug Tiggy. Sent in by Clarayna Burke‎:

Photogenic cat maybe? Sent in by Naomi Ann Bissoon:

Naomi Ann Bissoon

Here’s my 4 year old Ragdoll Blossom, sent in by Stephy Albrow‎:

Stephy Albrow‎

My little guy. Sent in by Jazell Shuler:


This lovely pic was sent in by Todd Green:


What a cutie! Sent in by Abhijit Chandratreya‎:

Abhijit Chandratreya‎

Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year from Bijou, sent in by John Cuthbert‎:


And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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