Your Cats – March 2016

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

This is Rupert and he decided to take revenge on this roll of toilet paper because it looked at him the wrong way! Sent in by Tao Swen‎:

Tao Swen‎

Here are my two Siamese cats, Crystal and Harvey. Sent in by Donna Peters‎:

donna 1

donna 2

My beautiful Luna was sent in by Samantha Garfoot‎:

Samantha Garfoot‎

My sweet baby Kalesie laying in my lap…yes she looks an Ewok! Sent in by Lorelei Starbuck‎:

Lorelei Starbuck‎

My Leo and Lexi sent in by Ellie Rose Roberts:

Ellie Rose Roberts

One of our gorgeous kittens. Sent in by Cancoonz Maine Coon Cats and Kittens:

Cancoonz Maine Coon Cats and Kitten

My cat Jess, sent in by Elaine Rafferty‎:

Elaine Rafferty‎

Who says cats don’t watch out for you? Here is our cat, Diane, letting her Dad know it’s time to stop working while he is home. Sent in by Judy Roche Bloyer‎:

Judy Roche Bloyer‎

Our very curious rescue kitten “Liberty”. Sent in by Christal McCoy‎:

Christal McCoy‎

Dinner time and they’re not even a day old. Sent in by Helena Wilson‎:

Helena Wilson‎

This cute pic was sent in by Brittany Lee‎:

Brittany Lee‎

Beauty just noticed that I emptied a big bag and went straight into it…sent in by Monica Calleja‎:

Monica Calleja‎

Teddy 14’s Saturday portrait. Sent in by Thomas Kessel‎:

Thomas Kessel‎

My beautiful cat, sent in by Robyn Singleton Jones‎:

Robyn Singleton Jones‎

My fifteen week old male kittens Marlo and Oscar…. Long may the love continue! Sent in by Kate Murphy‎:

Kate Murphy‎

Beautiful Wilbur! Sent in by Ellen Archer Kotera‎:

Ellen Archer Kotera‎

Lazy days…sent in by Anna Whitworth:

Anna Whitworth Was Mosquera‎

Snug as a bug in a rug. Sent in by Mark G Caldwell‎:

Mark G Caldwell‎

Mustachio looking adorable for his humans. Sent in by Valle Heller Schibel‎:

Valle Heller Schibel‎

H Mpoumpouka mou. Sent in by Κυριακη Νικολακακου‎:


This is my toy kitten and nobody is getting it! Sent in by Jennifer Lindsay Bodek‎: 

Jennifer Lindsay Bodek‎

My sweetheart, sent in by Brenda Torfs‎:

Brenda Torfs‎

This great pic was sent in by Lewis Todd‎:

Lewis Todd‎

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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