Your Cats……In a Sink!

We had an overwhelming response when we asked you to send in pictures of your cat in the sink (they do seem to feel at home in them don’t they!) Here’s a great selection.

Jeeves sits in the sink while I soak in the bath. From Michelle Taylor:


This is my cat in the sink!! From Paula Lowe:

in the sink 2

Taz enjoying a drink. From Diane Mcmahon:


Ritchie Valens on his first vet visit! From Pamela Culpepper:


My Pebbles in the sink. From Leanne Trowell:


Aloysious chilling out. From Kayleigh Palmer:

in the sink 6

Bonnie and Clyde relaxing in the sink. From Patty Newark:


Remus in a sink. From Denise McInnes:


This is how I found my cat Xander one night when I woke up to use the bathroom. From Jade Crossley:


This is my son’s cat called Link. From Dianne Mathieson:


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