My Holly – 15th January 2014

Today’s pictures of your cats submitted to our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

My Holly. Sent in by Wendy Williams:


And this little fella was sent in by Sally Mead-Harper:


I am the lady who recently posted the photo of Ripple the Bengal lookalike pregnant stray cat I took in and her kittens. This is my beloved 17 year old Labrador Folly and two of my three cats “Taiko” (cameo) and Geordie (ginger) both rescues. I also have two black Labradors, Folly’s son and daughter Otis and Voodoo. Sent in by Gabrielle Keen: 


Our shop cat that walked in and adopted us lol! Meet Mr Cookie. Sent in by Joolz Bird:

mr cookie

Just want to share a picture of my cat. He is yawning. Submitted by Clarence Amor Pascual:


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