This Is Johnny & Tessie – 27th January 2014

Today’s pictures of your cats submitted to our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

This is Johnny & Tessie, Ragdoll brother and sister. Sent in by Littlehampton Cameraclub:


My happy kitties. Sent in by Keith Raymond James Lloyd:


My baby Gédéon’s beautiful eyes! Sent in by Mélanie Gauthier:


This is Brian. Sent in by Desiree Stevens:


This little poser is my beautiful boy Archie, pampered puss with a naughty streak but he is very much loved and adored! Sent in by Danielle Smith:


My gruesome twosome Spike and Molly pretending that they love each other really! Sent in by Jo Earley:


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