Meet Parker Posie LeRay ! – 15th November 2013

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These young ladies are hiding all day only to come out when I’m changing the bed linen. Sent in by Eugene Obryan:

bed linen

I walked out of the door at the restaurant where I work. This tiny kitten ran in front of me and into the landscaping. It was a cold night and the restaurant is on a very busy thoroughfare. I managed to catch her. From the minute she walked into our house, she owned it. I’d like you all to meet Parker Posie LeRay. Sent in by Joni Oncale:

Parker Posie LeRay

Thought I would share a photo of our baby, Izzy. I think she is beautiful! But I would I’m her mum! Sent in by Vanessa Barnes:


This is Maximus Butters. Sent to us by Suez Forsyth:

Maximus Butters


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