Meet Peanut and Brittle – 3rd February 2014

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Meet Peanut and Brittle. This brother and sister team spend most of the day napping. Sent in by Lori Tapp:


He thinks he’s so cute and he is until he bites! Sent in by Hannah French:

3rd feb 2

This is Jojo. He was dropped off at the vets office along with his sister, my mother was looking for a kitten and when the vets office posted his picture on their Facebook page we just fell in love with him. Mom says he is the best kitten she’s had. Sent in by Angela Gill Oller:

3rd feb 3

My cat Boo. Sent in by Fiona Hutchison:

3rd feb 4

Our cupcake sleeping in daddy’s and mommy’s bed. Sent in by Steven Oldfield:

3rd feb 5

Beautiful Becky. Sent in by Gwenn Porter:

3rd feb 6

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