Moe My Lifesaver – 16th January 2014

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This is Moe my lifesaver, he brought love back into my life after I lost my Husband and our cat six weeks apart in 2013. He will for he rest of his life live like a king. Sent in by Barb Bodner:


Lola is a stray we took in, she loves sleeping on her back. Sent in by Charmaine M Concesso:


This lovely pic was sent in by Noreen Hanson:

16th jan 3

And this cute pic was sent in by Shellie Wellie Wanless:

16th jan 4

This is Bella, my guirl kitty. Sent to us by Yohame V V. Santana:


And lastly, my Rupert. Sent in by Chantelle Noble:


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