Waiting for Santa Claws! – 16th December 2013

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This is Buddy getting some much needed rest after putting the dog in her place! Sent in by Mark Allen Bell:


This is my bright eyed rescue cat named Sammy. He was on the streets of our town for months when a friend posted ‘wanting someone to please give him a good home’. Well, he now lives in the country, has full run of the house with a doggie door to a fenced in back yard where he plays with our dog Trouble, our Maine Coon Cille, and our newest rescue kitten Shadow….. We are so blessed, I just wish my son was little again ……Sent in by Pam Click:


Waiting for Santa Claws! Submitted to us by Shirley Brady:

Santa Claws

Having playtime. Sent in by Debbie Jones Emery:


I raised Belle since she was 2 weeks old when her mother abandoned her… I took her with me to my finals at school because I had to bottle feed her! She has grown into the most darling cat ever! Here she is trying to open my birthday presents today! Sent in by Lena Mason:


And lastly, this is Toby, the vet clinic cat from Montreal Road Animal Clinic. Sent in by Ray Ouellette: 


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