Your Cats – 3rd May 2015

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

This is Lolek and was sent in by Ula Jakacka‎:


This is my Melvin when he was just a wee little fur ball. Sent in by Kellie Manser:

Kellie Manser

My little Luna when she was just 13 weeks old. Sent in by Angela Druggan:

Angela Druggan

My cat Tabby. Sent in by Dave Brown:

Dave Brown

My polydactyl tuxedo cat Vicki looking at a fly on the ceiling. Sent in by Catherine Bassler:

Catherine Bassler

The bbnn. Sent on by Miguel Angel Campos:

Miguel Angel Campos

Kiera Studies too hard. Sent in by Rachel Lucio:

Rachel Lucio

This lovely pic was sent in by Nico Tequila Mcfly:

Nico Tequila Mcfly

My socially awkward cat Missy (far back) and chunky butt Claire, litter mates for life! Sent in by Jessica Cavallo:

Jessica Cavallo

My beautiful boy Alby. Sent in by Anne Robinson:

Anne Robinson

My boy Conner hears a stranger approaching. Sent in by Len Grossberg:

Len Grossberg

Meet Sprinter! Sent in by Werner En Hellen Heidekamp:

Werner En Hellen Heidekamp

Beautiful Flora – a Norwegian and Danish mix. Sent in by Fleur Ramsey Amsinck:

Fleur Ramsey Amsinck

Princesse et Caline. Sent in by Nathalie Juille:

Nathalie Juille

These two lovelies were sent in by Jamie Sande:

Jamie Sande

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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