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Scratch Post – Simon’s Cat

In this latest hilarious video from Simon’s cat “The claws come out in a case of sibling rivalry.”
It started out with a hiss – how did it end up like this? See mischievous kitten interrupt Simon’s Cat during his ‘me time’ manicure proving that little brothers really can be incredibly annoying.

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Why Do Cats Love Trees So Much?

There are so many reasons why cats love trees! We already know that cats love to hunt, climb, scratch, play and lounge – and trees are purr-fect for all of these pastimes. In the wild, cats use them to survey their territory and target prey. They are also a safe place to get away when other predators are on the prowl.

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Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman’s Boat Looking for Help

Two young fisherman had the surprise of their lives while fishing on a river in Alabama, USA. They saw not one but two young cats jump off the river bank and swim towards their boat. As Jason pulled the ginger cat to safety, his friend Key heard another splash and saw a second cat jump off the bank and started making his way to their boat.

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Best Cat Dad Helps Feral Kitten Get Adopted

This cat is the world’s best dad to his foster kittens and he is aggressive in a very loving way! His name is Charlie, and with his human mom has fostered dozens of foster kittens – and it’s not always easy. Charlie is currently looking after a feral kitten called Boing who is the most aggressive kitten that has been cared for by this family.

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Surprised Kitty !!

OK – so ‘Surprised Kitty’ is an all-time classic and you may well have seen it before, possibly many times!
But, our aim for this website with cat videos is to post the very best we can find and that wouldn’t be complete without this one.
Whether it’s new to you or an old friend, watch and succumb to the cuteness!

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