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Cat Left Home Alone

In this latest adventure we see Aaron and Phil leave for Hawaii after an unfortunate switch-up leaves Prince Michael at home alone. But not to worry, the Prince has lots of tricks up his sleeve.

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Keep Your Cats Busy This Christmas

It’s that time again! Christmas is only round the corner and once again our TV screens are full of great commercials that are full of Christmassy things to lure and lure you into buying their special product. This latest one from the cat food brand Temptations is centered around the idea that if you keep your cats occupied over the holiday period, they won’t mess with all those tempting things that appear around the house…

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Bottle-Feeding the Three Little Bears

Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady is a neonatal kitten warrior and she spends a lot of her time rescuing and fostering tiny kittens. She has some great advice if you are considering becoming a foster parent. In this video we meet Grizzly, Sunbear, and Kodiak. They love to eat…and then eat again!

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Never Invite BIG Cats to Christmas Parties!

Cat Man Chris is at Panthera Africa, an environmentally friendly sanctuary for any captive bred big cats, where they will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives. Christmas came early and we can see lions, tigers and panthers having loads of fun destroying their Christmas trees, presents, candy canes and cookies.

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Cute Kitten Rescued from Freezing Cold

Cat Man Chris has discovered that there is a kitten living alone in the carpet warehouse where they rescued 4 kittens from before the summer. He sets out to try and catch the little mite, with the help of kitten traps, as the temperature is dropping and this little kitten needs to be somewhere safe and warm very soon.

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