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Deluxe Cat Ball Pit!

If you are looking to give your cats a treat this Christmas, why not take a leaf out of Cat Man’s book and create this amazing deluxe cat ball pit for them. It’s really easy to make and your kitties will have loads of fun exploring and playing.

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A Tropical Island with 500 CATS!

Kitten Lady aka Hannah Shaw, along with her partner, has taken a trip to meet some very well looked after cats. They all live at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii and it really is a cat paradise. It is home to more than 500 cats…

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How I Trained My Cats

Jun lives in  Japan, he is not a professional chef but he enjoys cooking and posts many videos about cooking on YouTube. He is also a cat lover and his kitties are never far from his side. He has three kitties that live with him and his wife, they usually appear in his videos and we often see him preparing food for them.

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