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The Empire Scratches Back

If you love cats AND Star Wars then you’re in for a treat!
The person that made this video is obviously a big Star Wars fan and a cat lover because he recreated the epic Star Wars scene where Vader tells Luke who he really is and he used his cats to play their roles!

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Overly Jealous Cat

Cats have the capability of being overly dramatic in any situation. If you have lived with cats you will know this to be true. They also have the capability of being jealous. The maker of this video has taken all of this into consideration and by adding some great music has created this overly dramatic, quirky little kitty sketch.

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Flower Bed – Simon’s Cat

Here’s another hilarious instalment in the life of Simon’s cat. Simon is out in the garden, he’s bought some new plants that he needs to get into the ground. All is going well until his cat appears. The first thing he does is ask for food (of course!) but he is also very intrigued by what’s going on and watches everything that Simon is doing…

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When Cats Look Like Bread

Have you ever thought your cat resembled something else? Cole and Marmalade’s human Chris thought that Marm looked like a loaf of bread, then he realised that there were other types of bread that he looked like and put together this hilarious selection of clips.

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Don’t Forget to Remove Cat Before Flight!

This is unbelievable! We see a woman who is taking her first voyage on a microlight and unbeknown to her and the pilot there’s a stowaway on board. About 40 seconds into this amazing footage the stowaway appears from inside the wing and slowly makes his way towards the cockpit. And would you believe it’s a cat!

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Sledding With My Cat

Meet Weston!
When the weather gets cold and the snow falling hard, Weston likes nothing better than to go sledding with his human buddy Jesse. You might think this is a bit crazy, but Weston seems more at ease than Jesse when they start to pick up speed on the downhill.

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Proud Cats Video Compilation 2017

Cats are the true rulers, I’ve often heard this phrase and many others just like it. They are royalty…and they are proud.
So check out this hilarious compilation of cats closing doors on dogs, cats being so serious, and even cats taunting other cats. These kitties are definitely proud and don’t let anyone tell you different!

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