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This “My Cat From Hell” Cameraman Couldn’t Leave Without Adopting A Kitty Of His Own

My Cat From Hell is a hit Animal Planet show dealing with cat behavioral issues and is presented by the fabulous Jackson Galaxy. One day on a shoot, ‘My Cat From Hell’ cameraman Adam, who has been around hundreds of cats during his time on the show, was approached by a black and white kitty named Winnie. She stole his heart while filming a show segment…

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Didga & Boomer – Getting On Down With Their Daddy !!

Didga and Boomer are two very talented kitties. They live with animal trainer Robert aka Catmantoo and they are top of the charts when it comes to performing tricks. Both of them are excellent at skateboarding and they live a life full of fun and adventure in Australia.
Here we see them having lots of fun ‘getting on down’ to the singer PSY…

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Paralyzed Kitten Finally Walks

This is the story of Sunshine, a ginger kitty that arrived at the vets covered in fleas. His main problem though, started after he was attacked by a feral cat. He had been taken to a vet for treatment and all seemed to be going well until it was discovered that he had lost the use of his back legs.

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Saving Tetley, the Tiny Kitten in a Teabox

Meet Tetley the black kitten. She was found on the streets all alone at two weeks old and was brought to the animal shelter in a teabox, hence the name Tetley! Every year, thousands of orphan baby kittens end up in animal shelters and sadly, these shelters don’t have the resources to cope with the round the clock care that young kittens need. But there is an answer – fostering.

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Five New Foster Kittens

Chris Poole is a self confessed cat crazy cat guy! Growing up with cats since he was a kid, he’s very proud to be owned by two amazing cats, Cole and Marmalade. He is dedicated to educating and convincing the masses to adopt, spay and neuter – he believes it to be the only solution to sorting out the problem of unwanted kittens – and so do we!

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Kittens vs Sloths!

Kitten Lady aka Hannah Shaw is an animal protection professional and neonatal kitten warrior. She spends a lot of her time rescuing and fostering kittens. She took some time out and visited a wonderful sloth rehabilitation center in Costa Rica…

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Cat Elected Mayor Of Alaskan Town Passes Away After 20 Years

In 1998, Stubbs the cat was elected mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska and has served as the town’s mayor ever since. He first came to office when the residents of this small town were unhappy with their choice of candidates and began campaigning to elect Stubbs as a write-in candidate. he gained the support of 900 residents and so his honorary position began and he faithfully served his people for 20 years.

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