I Went to the Shelter to Adopt a Cat

In this video Gary wants to adopt a cat, he makes many visits to the shelter before he makes up his mind. I wonder which one he will adopt? I urge everyone to consider adoption when deciding to add a furry friend to your family, you could save the lives of hundreds of cats in the process.

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Rescuing Winston

One of the carers at Flatbush came across a very dirty kitty on the street, cats are usually very thorough groomers so his dirty fur was a sign of illness or distress. he also seemed lethargic, out of breath and had scratches all over his face.

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Hyperactive Kittens Finally Drive Their Mother Crazy!

So these 5 hyperactive kittens that are running like crazy all day long have finally drove their patient mother crazy as well! As the kittens are getting bigger they have more energy than ever! Non-stop running, jumping, playing, fighting and like most ninja kittens there are occasional backflips, crab walks and arched backs!

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