The Kitten From the Street to my Home

Last week, I showed you a video of a kitten that Robin had spotted on the street, he believed that this kitty had been abandoned by a human but thought that he would manage okay living with the other community cats. Since then Robin changed his mind about leaving him on the street and brought the kitten home…

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Cat Is SO Gentle With His Squirrel Brother

When a couple found an injured squirrel in their backyard they knew they had to help. He was very young and they were sure he would not make it alone so they decided to bring him into their house. The only thing that concerned them was how their cat Jack would react to this new arrival.

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Helpless Baby Kitten Rescued From Granite Yard

This is Rocket and he was found in a builders yard hiding underneath a pallet full of heavy granite slabs.
He was taken to the nearest animal shelter where he almost didn’t have a chance because of how small he was but ‘The Cats at the Studios’ came to the rescue and took him into their care.

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