What Cats Do At Night Part II

If you didn’t already know, the lovely Cole and Marmalade have two new editions to their family. Jugg and Zig Zag are two rescued kittens and like most kittens of their age they have plenty of energy and love to get up to loads of mischief. In this video we see what this delightful pair get up to at night with their elder brothers.

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The Reality Of Having A Cat

Those lovely people at Lingvistov have created these excellent illustrated stories about everyday life with a cat as we know it. There’s the importance of delicious food, the appeal of a good afternoon nap, and lets not forget our justified obsession with cats.

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Blind Mini Cat Gives Her Mom Kisses

Mili the kitten was rescued when she was 8 weeks old. She weighed only 4 ounces and needed immediately medical attention. She was rushed to the emergency room where her rescuer was told that “she was not viable,” seven vets told her that she should be put down.

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Cat vs. Automatic Feeder

Do you have one of those electronic cat feeders?
In this video we meet Milo, his cat feeder leaves him an amount of dried food 3 times a day but I guess he’s a kitty that likes to snack a lot because when he discovered that if you banged against the feeder it would release a few extras there was no stopping him!

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Cute Cats Getting Confused

Take a look at this great compilation full of cute cats getting a bit confused by things they’ve never seen before. And who can blame them really, it’s a bit like us being dumped on an alien planet and confronted with random things that are out of this world!

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