If It Fits, I Sits…

If I fits, I sits – an expression that we have always applied to cats because they are obsessed with sitting or getting into, the strangest of places, even when the place they have chosen is obviously too small. Here’s Marmalade to prove the point.

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Do Cats Get Goosebumps?

We all get goosebumps sometimes,  also known as goose pimples or goose flesh, they are the bumps on your skin at the base of body hairs and will involuntarily develop when you are cold or experiencing strong emotions such as fear, euphoria and arousal.  But do cats also get goosebumps?

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Cat Welcomes Home Soldier

Who ever said that cats don’t care?
In this heart warming video we meet Finn the Ragdoll cat as he welcomes a his soldier human who’s home from drill, it shows us that it’s not just dogs who get excited when their loved ones return home and boy, he’s eager for that special cuddle.

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Territorial Behaviour! – Simon’s Cat Logic

Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun series where we listen to Nicky, a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection. In this episode, we learn about how your cat defends their territory and what you can do to help more vulnerable cats stay safe and happy. We also meet Simon’s Cat’s nemesis – Jazz!

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