Cat Has Chat With Raven !!

The cat in this video sounds very much like my kitty. But what is it that she’s discussing with a raven? I love the way the bird walks off but then comes back as if he’s realized he’s got more to say on the subject.

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15 Of The Funniest Dancing Cat Pics

Photographer Adrian Richard, who is also a cat lover, collated this amazing dancing cat collection. We’ve chosen 15 of our favorite pics from his collection for your purr-usal. Take a look and see if you can you spot the fine line between ‘startled accidents’ and genuine talent?

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Catfinated – When Cats Drink Coffee

Aaron and his animals, Prince Michael and Phil, are masters at making fabulous videos! They depict a different life for cats full of humor and the unknown.In this latest adventure Phil has drunk Aaron’s coffee by mistake and the caffeine has affected him in a rather extreme way.

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