About Us

There are thousands of sites on the internet that are dedicated to collecting and posting pictures and videos of cats and kittens, and also posting news and heartwarming stories about them.

In fact, there are so many sites that there are too many to keep up to date with.

That’s why we started posting our favourite videos, photos and stories to our Facebook Page. As a result of how popular that has been, we kept getting asked whether we had a website, so welovecatsandkittens.com was born. We aim to trawl through Google, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter (anywhere!) to find the best of the best cat pictures, videos, stories and products and bring them to you here and on our Facebook Page.

Found A Great Cat Picture, Video or Story?

While we do our very best to find as many brilliant pictures, videos and stories about cats and kittens as possible, there is only a limited amount of time in the day.

If you find anything that you think should be featured on the site (or if you are a site owner, photographer or YouTuber and you think one of your pictures, videos or stories should be featured here) then simply send us an email using this contact form [LINK contact page].

Stay Up To Date

Make sure you like We Love Cats and Kittens on Facebook so that you’re updated each time we find something new worth sharing (everything goes on the Facebook Page as well as on the site here). Plus, subscribe to our email list to receive a weekly round-up with the best of the best from the site. [LINK to join page]

Get Your Cat or Kitten Featured

Every day we post on the site the very best cat pictures that our followers on Facebook have sent to us.

To have your pictures featured, make sure you like We Love Cats and Kittens on Facebook  and then visit our ‘Submit your Pictures’ Page for how to submit your pictures.

For now, take a look around the site and soak up all the wonderful pictures, videos and stories of cats and kitten that we have posted so far!

Thanks for all your support and we hope you enjoy our site.
The Cats and Kittens Team

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