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Media Enquiries

If you’re looking to reach cat owners, cat lovers and the cat obsessed - we can help.

We Love Cats and Kittens is one of the leading and most popular cat websites and social media communities online. On average, we reach more than 750,000 unique visitors per month to our website and in excess of 3M across social media.

Our readers and followers are avid consumers of all types of cat content from cat stories and heartwarming cat videos through to our comprehensive hands-on product reviews and group tests of the best cat food and litter.

Our expert authors (including vets and nutritionists) post in depth articles at least five times per week covering cat care, cat health, behavior and nutrition giving detailed, impartial and helpful advice.

The Numbers

Page Views Per Month


Unique Visitors Per Day


Email Subscribers


Facebook Page










Google Analytics Data

Our average traffic for any month is in excess of 750,000 unique visitors, with a high percentage of returning visitors.

Geographic Demographic

Our audience is primarily from the US and the other largest English speaking countries.

United States - 50%

United Kingdom - 14%

Canada - 9%

Australia - 7.5%

New Zealand - 2%

Age and Gender Demographic

We have a slightly larger percentage of male readers and our audience also skews slightly younger overall than most pet websites, with a more even spread in younger generations.

User Device

Mobile - 71%

Tablet - 20%

Desktop - 9%

Our readers consume our content primarily on mobile devices and tablets.

Email Subscribers

Our mailing list has been built very organically over the years and includes our most ardent followers. As such, our open and click-through rates are way above the industry average. We send a daily email to our most engaged followers to keep them up to date with our latest posts and articles.

Email Subscribers


Average Open Rate


Average Click Through Rate


“I have been following you guys on Facebook for many years and love all the stories and videos you share. The articles about looking after your cat that you’ve added in the last couple of years have been a great addition and I have changed the foods I feed my two fussy Ragdolls based on what I’ve learned. I trust your reviews as you seem to put in the effort to do the research. I love the videos you’ve started to do and I love Holly and her kitties too!”  Ellen Bailey (We Love Cats and Kittens reader)

Work With Us

We have a vast amount of experience in the online cat world as well as strong SEO, content and digital marketing skills in our team.

We can create a specific campaign for you that allows you to reach our audience in an authentic way. 

Since our followers know that we can be trusted to always deliver unbiased and honest reviews we will only work with brands and products that we would recommend unreservedly outside of a paid partnership.

That means that we can drive real results for you whilst introducing new cat products to an engaged cat owning audience.

What Can We Do?

We can build a bespoke campaign to suit your needs and budget so that your product, service or brand are introduced to our audience in the best way.

We can help create original content so that it is a natural fit on our website and social channels and is in our authentic voice.

A full package can use all of the opportunities that our website and social media present, but the following are some of the individual campaigns we can offer:

Product Review (with Video)

Our readers trust our in-depth product reviews and guides to help them in all their buying decisions. If you have a suitable product, we can put it through our review process and publish a stand-alone review, and, where appropriate, include it in our relevant ‘best of’ guides. This can include video posted on YouTube and our other social channels and the review can be pushed to our social media.

Social Media Post

Our social channels have over 1.25M followers and massive reach. As part of a campaign we can create several social media posts across those channels in varied formats to showcase your product service or brand to our followers (Instagram - Reels, Stories, Video and Feed, Facebook Feed Posts, Pinterest Rich Pins etc). Ad Account Access can be used to increase the paid reach of our posts.

Lead Generation Giveaway

A week long co-branded giveaway promoted across the We Love Cats and Kittens platforms. We can create a custom landing page and entry form promoting your product with a coupon code offer for all entrants on a Thank You page. The exact process can be crafted to fit your needs with the aim of giving a substantial ‘prize’ for our audience and generating hundreds of interested leads for you.

Dedicated email Promo

Our open and click rates are way above average. As a way to reach our most engaged followers a dedicated email promo (or a series of emails) with a carefully crafted genuine offer can be very effective. We can help craft your emails and can enable A/B testing of subject lines and associated creative. We can extend an email offer with additional mentions in our daily newsletter as required.

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