Cat Health

How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant

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How to Tell if Your Cat is Sick

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Cancer in Cats

If you’re worried that your cat has cancer, our vet’s guide details the types and the symptoms you need to look for and the treatments that may help.

Why Is My Cat Vomiting?

Cat vomiting has many causes. Learn the causes, diagnosis and treatments for a cat throwing up. Our vet explains the at home and veterinary fixes.

How To Tell If A Cat Has a Fever

Worried about your cat and whether or not he has a fever? In this post we explain how to tell if a cat has a fever and cover all cat fever symptoms.

How Long Do Cats Live?

How long do cats live? The lifespan of your cat depends on many factors; health, diet, indoor or outdoor cat. Learn what to expect in this article.

Help! Why is My Cat Peeing Blood?

If you discover your cat peeing blood, you’re going to be worried. Get some quick facts about what causes blood in cat urine in our guide.

When Do Cats Stop Growing?

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10 Best Cat Dental Treats

Dental treats are a great way to ensure the health and hygiene of your cat’s teeth. Here’s our pick of ten of the best treats for dental health.

Why Is My Cat Limping?

If your cat is limping all of a sudden you’ll worry about what to do. Learn the common causes of limping in cats and when to take them to the vet.