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Littlest Preemie Kitten Grows Up!

Because he was born prematurely, Badger had a whole bunch of medical issues and it took a while to work out what was going on in his little body. And now we see that a few months down the line and he has come on in leaps and bounds and is ready to be adopted along with his friend Leeni.

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Fuzzy Kittens Help Each Other Learn To Walk

Shelby has been a foster mom to many kittens and when she was browsing Craigslist she saw an ad for two special needs kittens that were being given away. After making contact by email she was sent a video of how they were moving and decided that she was the one to help them.

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Giving Kittens an Oopsie-Poopsie Butt Bath

In this video Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady shows us how to clean a kitten safely. She explains: “When a kitten has an accidental poop, it’s important to clean them up in a way that is gentle and safe. In this video, I show you how to give kittens a butt bath, and how to get them warm and dry as fast as possible.”

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One Minute of Kitten Cuteness!

Meet Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady. She has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. She strives to create global change in the way we perceive and treat the tiniest and most vulnerable felines: orphaned kittens. In this video she shares with us her love of kittens and it’s just too cute! Excuse me while I rush out and get myself a kitten purr-ito!

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