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Clever Escape Artist Cat Shows How It’s Done

So, we’ve been shown loads of proof that cats are like liquid, they can get into the smallest of places. I’ve also seen cats squeeze through some pretty small gaps, but this cheeky kitty takes it to the next level. Under the door? How does he do that? Does he have any bones in his body? A true escape artist.

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COOL CATS – It Snowed in Our House!

In this video Cat Man Chris came up with the great idea of recreating a snow scene indoors. It’s very easy to do and will keep your kitties entertained for hours – why not give it a go, your kitties will love you for it even more than they do now!

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A Love Song To My Cat

Our cats take up a big part of our lives, they become part of the family. What makes it so unfair is that our beloved kitties are only with us for a short time compared to our own life span and it’s very difficult when you have to say goodbye.

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Cat Is SO Gentle With His Squirrel Brother

When a couple found an injured squirrel in their backyard they knew they had to help. He was very young and they were sure he would not make it alone so they decided to bring him into their house. The only thing that concerned them was how their cat Jack would react to this new arrival.

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