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A Very Cautious Cat

I’m not entirely sure what is going on in this video. Kitty is being very cautious about what’s on or near the bed. Is he expecting something to happen? It looks as if he can hardly believe his eyes.

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Cat Attacks Window Whenever She Spots Postwoman

This feisty kitty proves it isn’t just dogs that hate postal staff by attacking the window every time it spots Debra Anderson delivering mail. Debra works for Canada Post and is continually leapt at (fortunately there’s window in the way!) by a black and white cat on her route through Hamilton, Ontario.

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The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees

At Christmas time we all love to hang decorations and put up a tree, it’s normal behaviour. But what some people don’t realize is that all of these things are potential hazards to our pets. In this video cat daddy Jackson Galaxy explains what you can do so that everyone is happy, humans and animals alike.

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