Rescue Cat Grew Up With This Boy and When His New Sister Was Born…

BlaBla is a rescue cat, he was found on the streets of Greece in a terrible condition when he was still a young kitten. He was one of the lucky ones as there are millions of stray cats in Greece, he was treated and adopted by Rebecca and her husband. Their son Peter was one and a half years old when BlaBla came to live with them, and as he couldn’t pronounce the cat’s original name, he called him BlaBla and the name stuck.

Their relationship didn’t just happen overnight, BlaBla spent about two months hiding about the house and would only come out to eat, drink and use the toilet when the family were asleep. It took a lot of patience and consistency from the part of the family to get the cat to trust them, but once he did an amazing friendship grew between Peter and BlaBla and they were never far apart.

A spokesperson for The Orphan Pet explains: “So if you are thinking that you will adopt a shelter cat and on the second day it will be sleeping by your baby’s cradle, don’t. It rarely works this way, and even after months go by, your rescue cat might NOT be like the cat you see in this video, it might not be affectionate and it will definitely won’t be so submissive and patient with young children. The story of BlaBla is true and awesome, but it may not be the story of your rescue cat (or dog). Don’t picture your kid sleeping with a cat and just go off and adopt one, just decide to adopt responsibly, knowing that the kid’s and cat’s relationship might never reach this level of cuteness.”

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