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16 Incredibly Cute Pictures of Cats in Boxes

A box, as the Internet has so thoroughly documented, seems to be the thing that cats love the most. It can be any box, really. Big boxes, small boxes, irregularly shaped boxes – it doesn’t really matter. They manage to cram themselves into almost any kind of box, or at least they’ll try. Take a look at these 16 cute pictures of cats in boxes and you’ll see what I mean.

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Couple Fed Stray Cat For a Year and She Disappeared, Then Came Back With a Surprise

Ivie and Jason live together in an apartment complex in Pasadena, California. They often saw a stray cat wandering around near their apartment, so they decided to start leaving food out for her. They named the cat Mary and would always have food for her whenever she showed up. The couple fed her almost every day for about a year and then one day she just disappeared.

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