Meet Bell! The Cat with the Squirrel-Like Tail

Meet Bell! She’s a delightful female whose tail is so fluffy that it looks more like a squirrel’s than a cat’s.


Bell is what’s known as a Minuet cat, which is basically a cross between a Munchkin and a Persian breed.


With her squirrel-like bushy tail, short legs and round face, she attracts thousands of fans to her Instagram page.


A Minuet cat is also known as the Napoleon cat.



She has more than 158,000 on Instagram, that makes her a hit in our books.


This breed is regarded as one of the cutest cat breeds because of their short legs, fluffy fur, and rounded face.


And of course their bushy, bushy tails.


However, Bell’s tail is larger than the average minuet cat.


You can see more Bell and her friends on Instagram.


All images @ricorico_rico

Source: boredpanda

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