Aggressive Cat Shocks Mom By Becoming A Snugglebug

As soon as she saw her, Sarah knew that she had to adopt Barbara the cat, but she had no idea what she was in for. The first couple of days were the hardest, Barbara’s aggression was very prominent, she was very reactive and constantly chasing and swatting with her paw. Then Sarah found out her history and this could be an explanation for her behavior.

Barbara had been with her human dad since she was a kitten and then he died of a heart attack right in front of her. His family tried to take her in but she was too aggressive so they dropped her off at a shelter. The shelter deemed her not adoptable and that was when Sarah decided to bring her home.

It was very difficult at first and at one point she even tried to swipe Sarah’s face, so she did the only thing she could and that was to give Barbara space. Then one night she woke Sarah at 4 o’clock in the morning by nuzzling her entire face. It was pure bliss for Sarah as she was completely in love with this difficult kitty. Now they have a very loving relationship and slowly Barbara is learning to trust others.

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