Meet Merlin, The Kitty That Looks Like He Hates Everything!

Meet Merlin, the kitty that looks like he hates everything!


This mean looking kitty is a fluffy Himalayan Ragdoll based in Canada, whose piercing blue eyes, furrowed brow and tight lipped expression has made him a hit on Instagram with well over 57,000 followers.


No matter what the situation is, Merlin always looks angry!


No you cannot use MY jacuzzi!


A walk on the garden – no thanks!


A bow in my hair? I am seriously not amused…


Yes, you have every right to look scared…


Is this supposed to be my dinner?


If I fits, I sits, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


That’s what I think about all this photography nonsense!


We think he’s probably a big softy at heart, even if we are a little bit scared of him…


Despite his mean look, he’s a very cute fluffy kitty with adorable blue eyes


You can see more of Merlin on Instagram and Facebook

All images @merlinragdoll

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