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Please Don’t Wake Up the Little Kitten

Kittens, like our babies, need a lot of sleep to help them grow. Their daily routine consists predominantly of sleeping, and when they’re not sleeping, they’re probably feeding. So I imagine that the Munchkin kitten in this video definitely has a full belly because she’s not waking up for anything!

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Kittens Want Breakfast

Today we meet some little kittens that are living in a disused building. I think Robin has spotted them before so now he’s bringing them some food and would like to get to know them a little better.

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Rescuing Kirby From the Streets

One of the volunteers at Flatbush spotted a cat outside late at night, he spent several hours trying to trap her so that he could take her to the vet. She was already several months old and past the point of human socialization, for this reason she was very scared.

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