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Feral Cat Goes From Hissing To Purring

Meet Charlie! He looks like a tough street cat but there is something about him that is so sweet, like a little old bear. He had been living on the streets of Brooklyn for many years so two cat rescuers decided it was time to give him a chance of finding him a forever home.

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Cute Cat is Saying Something to Me

Today we meet a very cute kitty that is being very vocal when approached. Robin hasn’t seen this cat before so he slowly puts out his hand and the cat comes closer to check it out. She’s very cautious though, probably not used to human company so she scampers away and hides under a bench.

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Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom

A man discovered a stray mother cat and her kittens were living in his back yard. Sadly he noticed that one of the kittens had something covering his eyes. It looked like a big scab and because of this the kitten can’t find his way to his mother’s milk.

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