Twerk the Kitten May Have Special Needs, But it Hasn’t Stopped Her Getting Adopted

A kitten that became famous on the internet for her dance moves has been adopted. The Humane Animal Rescue says the 4-month-old kitten, named Twerk, was brought to them at the East End shelter because her owner was moving. The striped feline walked around her area at the shelter with her tail-end bouncing because of a brain disorder which causes her body to uncontrollably shake.

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Lilly The Cat Chats with her Human and the End is Hilarious!

Lilly the cat lives her life on the road in an RV with her human. It’s an interesting life with lots of adventures and it is obvious that these two love each other very much.You can tell this by their conversation, I cannot guarantee that Lilly understands every word, but there’s one thing I can say for sure, she totally understands the word at the end!

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Most Brutal Kitten VS Cat Fight EVER!

It’s Cole and Marmalade, our favorite internet kitties! Cat man Chris has found some old footage of when Marm was a cute little kitten – or as Chris says: “an angry little kitten!”
All Cole wants to do is chill, but Marmalade has got other idea and goes in for the kill.

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Cop Fosters Abandoned Kittens She Keeps Finding on Duty

Gretchen is a policewoman in the Miami area and while on patrol she was coming across some feral cats which she starting feeding and then one day she came across some kittens. She knew she had to do something. So she started taking them in.
She learned how to care for them and help them eventually find their forever home.

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