Tiny Cat Challenges Big Lion Because She’s a Brave Kitty

Derek Krahn, aka ‘BigCatDerek’ is the Operations Director for the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE), a non-profit big cat sanctuary in Texas. He’s been working with big cats for years, and has cultivated some pretty strong friendships with the big, sometimes murderey, but always adorable kitties! But he also loves domestic cats and in this video we meet his very brave kitty called Baggy.

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A Year In The Life Of A Cat – Simon’s Cat

Have you ever wondered how your feline friends feel about all of the different seasons? In this latest video from Simon’s Cat we see him as he explores Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It’s rollercoaster of entertainment but what else would be expect from this hilarious and very mischievous animated kitty.

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The Different Love a Cat Has For His Mom and Dad

When this lovely cat lies on the shoulder of his mom or his dad, he shows his love for them in very different ways.
With Mom: The cat purrs and stretches out on his mother’s stomach. Then he compresses and decompresses its front legs/paws and shows his claws – or as we call it: making bread!
With Dad: The kitty rubs his head against the ear and neck. Then he licks and bites/kisses his ear.

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Cats and Kittens on Instagram – 14th June 2017

Every day we post our favourite pictures to Instagram which as you can imagine is a very difficult job as there are so many great cat pictures to choose from. We know how much you love great pictures too so we are now doing a weekly round up of the most popular, which means they are chosen by you.

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Cat Learns Everything From Dog Brother

Tukka was a tiny kitten when he met Brady, his big brother. The two hit it off really quickly and they’ve been wrestling and playing with each other ever since.
As Tukka was so small when he joined the family, he has grown up learning everything he knows from his big brother Brady.

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“Poop Explosion” Makes Kitten Overnight Sensation

When a tiny 3-week old foster kitten had a little accident, foster mama, Amber Nadinic, knew she had to step in and help. Meet Sansa the foster kitten! Amber has been fostering kittens for about a year with Pets Haven Rescue in Woodend, Australia, her current brood of five are all named after Game of Thrones characters, there’s Jon, Hodor, Arya, Brienne and of course Sansa.

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Hello World! – 12th June 2017

Hello World!
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