Simon’s Cat ‘Off to the Vet’ : Preview

We’ve been waiting a while but it’s finally here. Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’ is now available!
Watch this preview to get a sneaky look at the first full colour film that features Simon, the cat and of course the internet’s cutest animated kitten in a series of cat fails and funny gags.

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The Empire Scratches Back

If you love cats AND Star Wars then you’re in for a treat!
The person that made this video is obviously a big Star Wars fan and a cat lover because he recreated the epic Star Wars scene where Vader tells Luke who he really is and he used his cats to play their roles!

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Overly Jealous Cat

Cats have the capability of being overly dramatic in any situation. If you have lived with cats you will know this to be true. They also have the capability of being jealous. The maker of this video has taken all of this into consideration and by adding some great music has created this overly dramatic, quirky little kitty sketch.

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Flower Bed – Simon’s Cat

Here’s another hilarious instalment in the life of Simon’s cat. Simon is out in the garden, he’s bought some new plants that he needs to get into the ground. All is going well until his cat appears. The first thing he does is ask for food (of course!) but he is also very intrigued by what’s going on and watches everything that Simon is doing…

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