Ultimate Cat Yoga – Simon’s Cat

I love Simon’s cat! I know that he is animated but he makes me laugh out loud and so much of what he does reminds me of my own kitties. But did you know that as well as being incredibly good at annoying his human and causing loads of mischief, Simon’s cat is also incredibly good at yoga!

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Wobbly Kitten Loves Her Blind Cat Siblings

Ozzy is a wobbly kitten. He has a condition called CH, it affects the part of the brain that deals with motor skills which is what makes him wobbly. Despite this he’s an adventurous kitten and doesn’t let anything hold him back.
When Ozzy was adopted he had no idea he was becoming part of a very special family.

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Foster Kitten Enjoys Brushing Session

This is over the top cute!
Meet Daria, an adorable foster kitten that getting a good brushing with the aid of a toothbrush. She certainly is enjoying all the attention she’s getting. I cannot resist those stretched out jellybean paws, they are just too cute!

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Cats Ordering by Bell From Their Tower

There is an age old saying: Dogs have owners, cats have staffs. It is a humorous reference to the fact that for many of us, our feline overlords run our homes and rule with an iron paw.
Yes! it’s true! We are the servants of our cats, they are our overlords and we are here to do their bidding or so this video would have us believe.

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