16 Pictures Of Cats Who Came To Say ‘Hi’, And Melted Everyone’s Hearts

Cats have a reputation for being, at times, very aloof. Not so with these kitties, unlike some cats that prefer their own company to humans, these kitties actively seek it out. Whether it’s because they are in the hope or being fed or they’re just popping by to say hello, these lovely pictures of cats who came to say ‘hi’ will definitely brighten your day!

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House Panther Attack!

Watch out! There’s a panther about!
Cat Man Chris loves his two kitties, Cole and Marmalade, very much. In fact, they pretty much rule the roost in this household, which of course Chris doesn’t mind because he’s totally devoted to them. In this video we see Cole the house panther, pounce upon his human dad and give him a full on grooming session!

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Black Cats Rule – 22nd May 2017

Black Cats Rule
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Clueless Cats!

I can only imagine that life for cats in a human world can be very confusing at times. They are surrounded by many things that make no sense to them but of course with their inquisitive nature they must investigate or they just just stand there dumbfounded because they really don’t have a clue.

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Kittens Come Out of the Hole and Meow

In this video a kind man discovers some kittens that are hiding in a wall, one by one out they come, meowing loudly. He puts out some food for them and they are soon enjoying their “nom nom” and silence falls as they tuck in. It would appear for the time being that this hidey hole has become favorite place, somewhere to feel safe.

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My Cat is Dancing Twerk!

The dictionary says that twerking is: “dancing to popular music in a provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” I think by now we’ve all seen people that are dancing “twerk,” however, had you noticed that cats do it naturally all the time?

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