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Do Not Touch Maru’s Paws!

Do not touch Maru’s paws!
Maru loves attention, this we know from the many videos that we’ve seen. He loves to play up to the camera, showing off his skills and generally having loads of fun entertaining his many fans. In this delightful video we see that he doesn’t always like attention, especially if it means touching his paws.

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Maru Challenges the Specially Made Vaulting Box

The incredibly talented Maru has been given a challenge. We all know about his love of boxes and containers and of his constant obsession of getting into them no matter how difficult it is. Because of this obsession, his human has created a series of numbered boxes and the challenge is to see how many Maru can vault himself into.

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A Hedgehog of Snow and Maru & Hana

It’s winter and snow has fallen, this has given an idea to Maru and Hana’s human so she’s left them a gift on the back porch, a hedgehog made of snow and icicles, and a face made of kitty treats. What do you think these friendly kitties will make of it?

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Maru Wants to Get on the Large Hammock

Maru is a very clever kitty and if you have seen any of his videos before you will know that he also loves to entertain. It’s as if he knows he’s being filmed and he plays up to the camera with skill and with great comic timing.
In this video Maru has discovered a large hammock and of course he must investigate.

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Maru the Cat and the Beer Box

Maru is an adorable cat that loves to play, he is very clever and is always inquisitive. We also know that Maru loves boxes and will try to get himself into all of them no matter what the shape or size.
In this video we see him working his magic with a beer box, something we haven’t seen him play with in a long time. 

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