Maru & Hana Are Always Having Lots of Fun!

Posted in Cat Videos - On: September 5, 2016 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: January 2, 2017  
Author:  Jan Travell

Cats love to play! They can spend hours running around, play fighting, jumping about on the furniture and generally having lots of fun.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, they love playing in boxes! And for those of you that don’t already know this, this especially applies to the delightful Maru the cat. Boxes are his great obsession.

He lives with Hana, his younger sister and best friend, and together they get up to all sorts of things. There’s never a dull moment, except perhaps when they are napping. With Maru’s comic timing and Hana’s zest for life, they make a great team. When you’ve watched this great compilation you’ll see what I mean.

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Click here to see more of Maru and Hana!

About the author

Jan Travell is a lifelong cat owner and a feline expert. She's been the Cats and Kittens lead editor from the start. She lives in rural France with her two rescue cats, Tigerlily and Mr.Gee. Her senior kitty, Ducati, passed over the rainbow bridge recently at the ripe old age of 22.

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