German Shepherd Dog Adopts a Litter of Orphaned Kittens

Dogs, as well as cats, have a reputation for being very kind and affectionate towards other breeds of animals.

So get your heart ready to be melted! You are about to meet an adorable German Shepherd named Brooke, and she is doing a great job.


When an animal shelter helper brought home four, two week old abandoned kittens, she knew that they would need a lot of love and attention to help them on their way to finding forever homes.

But what she didn’t realise was that the family dog, a German Shepherd called Brooke, would step up and become their foster mother!


Brooke is helping these tiny orphaned kittens, and what she is doing is over and above the call of duty.

She is acting like a mother towards them and must of intuitively known that was what they needed after their own mother had died.


While Brooke’s human was involved in the feeding, she became responsible for washing, grooming, cuddling and everything else that a mother should do with her kittens.


Brooke is a beautiful dog and is doing far more than any human could do for these kittens. German Shepards have a reputation for being very loving and caring, they are also very gentle and of course very strong.

It is also known that they make very good guard dogs, this is because they are protective, intelligent and very loyal, in simple terms, all of these attributes  are happiness itself.


This lovely pooch nurtured these kittens as if they were her own, let them sleep curled up in her fur, and they grew up to be well tempered, adoptable pets.

Because of Brooke, these kittens will be a great addition to any family, they are imprinted on both humans and big dogs and this has made them very affectionate and confident.


Now all four of them have been adopted, thanks to help of this amazing dog. Well done Brooke.

Watch the wonderful video below and you will see how amazing this beautiful German Shepherd dog is at helping out little kittens in need:

Did you notice how all the kittens were so happy to be around their adopted mother. And watching them all snuggling together really made my day.

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