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Cats Interrupting Yoga

yoga is about controlling the mind and body, there is no greater test than practicing with a cat or two on the loose. Bryan is a yoga instructor so it is quite normal for Shorty and Kodi to see him working out on a mat.

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Who’s A Good Boy?

This is too cute!
The phrase “who’s a good boy” is usually associated with dogs, but in this instance it works just as well on a cat! Meet Kodi, he lives with his human dads and his buddy Shorty. This kitty sure does like attention and when he gets it responds in the sweetest way.

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8 Signs Your Cat Believes in Santa

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Do your children believe in Santa Claus? Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and our cats know it!
We have always said that cats are very intuitive, so you need to watch their behaviour for these signs and you will see that they know there really is a Santa Claus!

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Ultimate Halloween Cat

“Shorty, what do you want to do for Halloween?” Asked her human. “We haven’t made a Halloween video before because I wanted people to see you as more than just a black cat.” Shorty stared through the window, pensive. What was she thinking? Did she see a bird? A construction worker in the building across […]

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What Cats Do For Us

For those suffering from depression, cats can be the greatest cure. Their ability to add value and meaning to your life that you feel is void of either can’t be underestimated…

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