250 Funny Cat Names

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Posted in Cat Info, Cat Names 
Last Updated: June 8, 2020  
Author:  Laraib Shah
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So, you’ve got a new cat and now you want to explore some of the clever and funny cat names, right? We’ve got you covered because this article will not only guide you about how to choose a funny cat name but you’ll also get a curated list of some of the funniest cat names that you can use for your furry little new friend.

Why Choose Funny Cat Names for our Cats?

Cats are the best creatures on this earth. They are cute, clever, fluffy, and funny. From chasing their tails to hiding in the boxes, they have the ability to entertain us all the time. I think they deserve all the love and attention. Ever since I was a kid, I used to love cats so much and when I got my own cat, that was the happiest day of my life.  

Cats have an amazing sense of humor but even if your cat has a serious personality, choosing funny names for a cat is a great way to acknowledge the humorous abilities of your cat. Apart from this, it will also bring a smile on your face whenever you’ll call your cat. 

To make your life easier, we have included some of the funny names for female cats, male cats, tabby, Persian, and ginger cats. Oh, and if you’re looking for some cute names, we’ve still got you covered because you’ll also find some of the cutest cat names in this article.

How To Choose the Best Funny Cat Names

Choosing a funny cat name is a fun process but it may not always be easier. You need to be creative while thinking about a funny name because there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to funny names. A lot of funny cat names are a play on words, it really can be that simple.

These names can originate unexpectedly. Maybe your cat made a funny noise while you were watching a movie and suddenly a name clicked in your mind. Or maybe you love avocados so much that you’ve decided to call your kitty an avocado. These names also depend on your personal preference.

From using random names to researching funny cat names on reddit, you can have so much fun while choosing a name for your cat. However, if you’re still struggling to come up with a funny name, here are some of the ways through which you can spark your creativity and can come up with the funniest name for your cat:

Consider Your Kitty’s Appearance

Considering your kitty’s appearance while deciding a name is one of the best ways to come up with a funny name. However, considering an appearance does not mean using a boring name such as a black cat. It means to think about the appearance of your cat and then relate it with a funny situation. This way, you’ll be able to think about a funny name.

For example, does your cat have cute little markings? Or does he like to wear a hat? Use these ideas to think about a name that’ll bring a smile on your face. Apart from this, you can also relate a funky name with your kitty’s appearance. So, for example, if your cat’s skin color is black or grey, you can name him Mr. Smokey. See, even black cat names can be funny or creative.

If your cat has a black mark around his eye, you can name him a pirate. If his mark is similar to a heart, you can name him cupid. If your cat’s appearance is similar to a movie character, such as puss in boots then you can also use the name of that character. Try to be creative when thinking about a name related to appearance.

This type of name not only brings out your creative thinking skills but they also celebrate your cat’s uniqueness.

Consider Your Kitty’s Breed

Another way to come up with creative, funny cat names is by considering your cat’s breed. It can give you a lot of ideas. There are many different kinds of cat breeds such as Persian cats, Bengal cats, British shorthair cats, Russian blue, Scottish fold, Himalayan, and so on.

When you think about your cat’s breed, does it remind you of anything else? If yes, boom! You just got a cool idea. But if they don’t remind you of anything else, then you need to think more carefully. If your cat’s breed is Russian blue, is there anything else in your house that is Russian? Maybe it’s a salad dressing?

If your cat’s breed is Himalayan, then does it remind you of anything else? Maybe it reminds you of all the beneficial effects of Himalayan salt or maybe it reminds you of Himalayas?
Persian cats have a reputation for being divas and very high maintenance.

What else is considered a Diva or very high maintenance? A prince? A Duchess? Maybe a queen? You can use all these ideas as names. They all make funny names for a cat.

Consider Your Kitty’s Personality

Just like appearance and breed, personality is also a great way to get some ideas regarding funny names. When you get a new cat, don’t rush into naming her right away. Take some time to observe her personality so that you can know what your cat likes and what she does not like. 

Taking some time to observe her personality will give you some amazing name ideas. For example, if your cat behaves like a royalty, Cleopatra might be a good name for her. If she loves adventures then you can also pick an adventurous name for her such as Mulan. 

The trick is to give her some time before naming her so that you can observe her habits. You’ll soon get inspiration for some funny name ideas. 

Get Inspiration From Movies

Movies are also a great way to get some inspiration. There are many famous cat characters that have cute as well as funny cat names. If you have a favorite movie character then you can use his name for a cat. However, if you don’t have a favorite movie character then you can use the name of a character whose qualities are similar to your cat. 

Many movie characters have exotic names that are super funny. You can use one of those names as well. If you think your pet deserves a unique name, you can go for an exotic name. Examples of a few famous cat characters are Garfield and Puss in Boots.

Get Inspiration From Comics and Superheroes

Apart from movies, you can also get some inspiration from comics and superheroes while thinking about a funny name. People who are superhero enthusiasts love to name their cats based on their favorite superhero or even supervillain. These funny cat names may not be very unique but they are quite interesting to use.

Some of the examples of the names inspired by comics and superheroes are Thanos, Gamora, and Nebula.

1. Funny Female Cat Names

Naming a cat is not as easy as it sounds. Thinking about funny girl cat names for your cat requires time and creative thinking. But it's all worth it because the best thing about using a funny name for your cat is that it gives your kitty a chance to make someone’s day.

Funny female cat names allow us to use some humor while naming our furry little friend. If you are facing difficulty in coming up with a funny name, then here are some funny female cat names that you can consider:

  1. Achoo

  2. Babushka

  3. Fishbait

  4. Bubbles

  5. Catniss

  6. Hairy Mulligan

  7. Cameow

  8. Abby Tabby

  9. Kitney Spears

  10. Clawdia

  11. Kitty Banshee

  12. Ice

  13. Toast

  14. Edward

  15. Dude

  16. Baboo

  17. Bink-Bink

  18. Kitty Poppins

  19. Blimpy

  20. Catsey Cline

  21. Buffy

  22. Otto

  23. Nimbus

  24. Turbo

  25. Rambo

  26. Dottie

  27. Porky

  28. Sriracha

  29. Tink

  30. Angus

  31. Jimmy

  32. Meatball

  33. Tink

  34. Chairman Meow

  35. Katy Purry

  36. Kit-Kat

  37. Cheddar

  38. Puddy Tat

  39. Yeti

  40. Cindy Clawford

  41. Skimbleshanks

  42. Sushi

  43. Jiggles

  44. Timmy

  45. Dewey

  46. Hamlet

  47. Bill

  48. Thumper

  49. Porkchop

  50. Turbo

2. Funny Male Cat Names

Your male cat might seem very serious but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose one of these funny boy cat names for him, right? Even if he behaves like a royalty and his attitude reflects his greatness, he’ll still keep you entertained and will make you laugh. So, here are some funny names for your male cat. These funny male cat names not only reflect his glory and seriousness but also his humor:

  1. Bagel Face

  2. Buzz

  3. Diesel

  4. Birdie

  5. Dwight

  6. Jean Luc Picat

  7. Jude Paw

  8. Meowsie

  9. Morty

  10. Ashes

  11. Doodle

  12. Twinky

  13. Frodo

  14. Burrito

  15. Bacon

  16. Muffin

  17. Hobbes

  18. Quimby

  19. Chai

  20. Bugsy

  21. Rooster

  22. Ricky Ticky Tabby

  23. Boots

  24. Buttons

  25. Bubbles

  26. Cha Cha

  27. Cheerio

  28. Baloo

  29. Growltiger

  30. esla

  31. Fergus

  32. Jelly

  33. Opie

  34. Sparky

  35. Toothless

  36. Astro

  37. Stitch

  38. Wasabi

  39. Munkustrap

  40. Skimbleshanks

  41. Sushi

  42. Seuss

  43. Kermit

  44. Miss Piggy

  45. Bustopher Jones

  46. Pikachu

  47. Catzilla

  48. Clawdia

  49. rizabella

  50. Mr. Mistoffelees

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3. Funny Tabby Cat Names

Tabbies are not only unique but they are also super cute. Therefore, instead of using an ordinary name, you should really put effort into uniquely naming them. Here are some of the funny tabby names that you can use:

  1. Katnip

  2. Kittycat

  3. Lionel

  4. Madam Meow

  5. Ducky

  6. Fig

  7. Munkustrap

  8. Bootsie

  9. Bubba

  10. Figaro

  11. Foxy Cleopatra

  12. Gizmo

  13. Jaspurr

  14. Jenipurr

  15. Jinx

  16. Kabuki

  17. Buster

  18. Catalina

  19. eti

  20. Paul McCatney

  21. Shushi

  22. Phil

  23. Tofu

  24. Comet

  25. Razzmatazz

  26. Ravenclaw

  27. Santa Claws

  28. Frodo

  29. Mushu

  30. Captain

  31. Cubby

  32. Bombalurina

  33. Bustopher Jones

  34. Carbucketty

  35. Demeter

  36. Etcetera

  37. Grizabella

  38. Gus: The Theatre Cat

  39. Jellicle

  40. Burger

  41. Colin Furrth

  42. Purrito

  43. Peaches

  44. Jellylorum

  45. Jemima

  46. Jennyanydots

  47. Macavity

  48. Mr. Mistoffelees

  49. Jules

  50. Hades

4. Funny Persian Cat Names

With their fluffy hairs and beautiful eyes, Persian cats are really beautiful and they make sure to remind you of their beauty every day by using their attitude. Their cute face deserves a funny cat name so that whenever you call your cat, her name brings a smile on your face.

Here are some of the funny cat names that you can use for your Persian cat:

  1. Whispurr

  2. People’s Artist

  3. Senator

  4. Heidi

  5. Catacomb

  6. Bacon

  7. Bagel

  8. Banana

  9. Dalai Clawma

  10. Jaspurr

  11. Fuzz Aldrin

  12. Barley

  13. Cheddar

  14. Cheeseball

  15. Cheeto

  16. Beans

  17. Burrito

  18. Butters

  19. Butterscotch

  20. Churro

  21. Cilantro

  22. Cucumber

  23. Cashew

  24. Mr. Meowgi

  25. Bing Clawsby

  26. Chicken Nugget

  27. Squirrel

  28. Skunk

  29. Bear

  30. Chickpea

  31. Chili

  32. Ducky

  33. Turtle

  34. Spider

  35. Birdie

  36. Bagel Face

  37. Meowsie

  38. Cat Damon

  39. Clawdius

  40. Big

  41. Colonel

  42. Dame

  43. Neil Catrick Harris

  44. Don Drapurr

  45. Chubby Bunny

  46. ouncival

  47. Rumpus Cat

  48. Butch Catsidy

  49. Victoria the White Cat

  50. Lil

funny orange cat names

5. Funny Ginger Cat Names

Ginger cats are so cool and people love them so much. Some people even believe that they are nicer and funny as compared to other types of cats.  Just like them, they deserve a cool and funny cat name. So, if you’ve just got a ginger and you’re trying to figure out a funny name for her, here are some ideas:

  1. Big Boy

  2. Boomer

  3. Dough Boy

  4. Mr. T

  5. Bertha

  6. Jiggles

  7. Meaty

  8. Quake

  9. Machu Picchu

  10. Munchkin

  11. Anderson Pooper

  12. Fish Bait

  13. Cat Sajak

  14. J.R.R. Tolkitten

  15. Kittles

  16. Lucifurr

  17. Fidel Catstro

  18. Catillac

  19. Catsup

  20. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

  21. Leopardo DeCatrio

  22. Will Feral

  23. Paw Revere

  24. Catticus

  25. Earl Grey

  26. Black Cat Scat

  27. Oreo

  28. Shady Lady

  29. Licorice

  30. Eight Ball

  31. Bo Jangles

  32. Espresso

  33. Morticia

  34. Warlock

  35. Raven

  36. Phantom

  37. Butterscotch

  38. Lemony Snicket

  39. Pawsanova

  40. Puss N Boots

  41. Pico de Gato

  42. Garfield

  43. Cinnamon

  44. Flame

  45. Nacho

  46. Toulouse (from Aristocats)

  47. Ginger

  48. Strawberry Shortcake

  49. Henry Hissinger

  50. Sherlock

6. Cute Funny Cat Names

People love to name their cats based on food. You might have heard cat names like pumpkin and cupcake. This type of names is so cute but at the same time, some of these names are really common. So, if you are looking for some cute name ideas that are not overused, here you go: 

  1. Oscar

  2. Shadow

  3. Pepper

  4. Sammy / Sammie

  5. Ollie

  6. Oreo

  7. Cleo

  8. Jack

  9. Chloe

  10. Loki

  11. George

  12. Willow

  13. Pumpkin

  14. Penny

  15. Boo

  16. Tiger

  17. Sunny

  18. Frankie

  19. Lucky

  20. Coco

  21. Rosie

  22. Rocky

  23. Harley

  24. Maggie

  25. Milo

  26. Sophie

  27. Simba

  28. Peanut

  29. Blue/Blu

  30. Ziggy

  31. Jax

  32. Nala

  33. Lola

  34. Daisy

  35. Louie

  36. Toby

  37. Piper

  38. Gus

  39. Tigger

  40. Gizmo

  41. Buddy

  42. Binx

  43. Penguin

  44. Pickles

  45. Baby Doll

  46. Izzy

  47. Jasmine

  48. Blueberry

  49. Bitsi

  50. Blossom

  51. Bodhi

  52. Cuddles

  53. Mimi

  54. Lulu

  55. Baby

  56. Sadie

  57. Baby Bear

  58. Bambi

  59. Blackberry

  60. Bonbon

  61. Boo

  62. Booboo

  63. Peanut

  64. Ping Pong

  65. Pixie

  66. Pocket

  67. Polkadot

  68. Pookie

  69. Bubble

  70. Bubbles

  71. Buddha

  72. Buggles

  73. Bumble

  74. Bundles

  75. Buttercup

  76. Butte

  77. Patches

  78. Peaches

  79. Popcorn

  80. Bunny

  81. Butterball

  82. Butterbean

Conclusion - What do You Think is the Best Funny Cat Name?

Cats are a source of joy in our lives and they deserve amazing, unique, and funny cat names. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and now you’ve got tons of ideas in mind regarding your cat’s name. So, what kind of name are you planning to use? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts. 

About the author

Laraib Shah is a freelance writer and a proud cat mom who shares her home with an exceptionally perfect cat named Simba. As an experienced cat mom, she is the trusted authority on cat care and cat breeds for the team. Apart from cats, Laraib loves cooking, travelling plus cookies, ice cream, and coffee!