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Best Cat Radiator Bed (2024): Can You Put A Cat Bed On A Radiator?

Posted in: Cat Supplies - Last Updated: January 8, 2024 - Author: Rebekah Carter
Posted in Cat Supplies 
Last Updated: November 5, 2022  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Today, we’re comparing and reviewing some of the best radiator cat beds on the market for modern cat owners. We’ll be examining features like comfort, security, and stability, to ensure you pick the right product for your furry friend. 

Radiator cat beds are a popular choice among pet owners for a number of reasons. They allow our heat-seeking feline companions to curl up next to the consistent warmth of the radiator during the winter months. 

Best Cat Radiator Bed - Our Choice

Our number one cjoice  for the best radiator cat bed is the Rosewood Rosewood bamboo bed. This radiator cat bed is comfortable, super secure and it also it gives your kitty all round protection, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of the cat radiator bed. 

radiator cat bed

They’re also a great way to keep your home neat and tidy, by removing beds and other kitty accessories from their common spot on the floor. 

To bring you the best selection of options to choose from, we’ve tested some of the most highly rated and reputable products around, with the help of our very own cats. 

Each of the cat bed for radiator solutions below stood out for not just their visual appeal, but their reliability and performance too.

The 3 Top Cat Radiator Beds: Best, Value & Premium

While there are a number of great radiator cat beds available on the market today, only a handful consistently deliver the perfect combination of comfort, style, and security. 

We chose the following “top picks” based on their overall performance, value, and feline appeal.

Our Top 3 Choices

Best Overall

Bamboo Cat Furniture Radiator Bed

Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

  • Secure and reliable eco-friendly materials
  • Included removable cushion
  • Attractive and modern design

Best Value

QDBM Hanging Cat Hammock Radiator Cat Bed - Folds Easily for Travel - Hang Anywhere… (White Excluding Frame)

Hanging Cat Hammock Radiator Bed

  • Multiple color options are available
  • Soft plush cover for extra comfort
  • Secure and strong metal frame

Premium Choice

Strong Hanging Cat Hammock - Plush Pet Shelf - Folds Easily for Travel - Hang Anywhere -Radiator Cat Bed (Light Brown)

Strong Hanging Cat Radiator Hammock

  • Folds for easy travel
  • Excellent secure design for peace of mind
  • Multiple color options

1. Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed (Best Overall)

Bamboo Cat Furniture Radiator Bed

Worried about your cat accidentally rolling over mid-catnap and falling from its radiator perch? That concern can be a thing of the past with this Rosewood Bamboo Cat bed.

The eco-friendly bamboo and fiber bed clings securely to most standard radiators, providing a cylindrical sleeping spot for your kitty. 

Not only does this give your cat a relaxing place to take catnaps, but ensures they’re securely protected from all sides when rolling and stretching. 

The Rosewood Rosewood bed combines an attractive, stylish appearance with a high level of comfort. There’s a removable cushion included with a soft, furry texture, sure to appeal to most cats.

As an added bonus, this bed has three entry points, so getting in and out is a breeze for your pet.


  • Secure and reliable eco-friendly materials
  • Included removable cushion
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Stable arms to hold the bed to your radiator
  • Quick and simple set-up


  • May be a little small for some larger breeds
  • The top could be a little flimsy in sections

2. Hanging Cat Hammock Radiator Bed (Best Value)

QDBM Hanging Cat Hammock Radiator Cat Bed - Folds Easily for Travel - Hang Anywhere… (White Excluding Frame)

Simple and effective, this plush rectangular cat bed slots straight onto your radiator, with no need for any complex fittings or fixings. 

You can choose from a range of colors to suit your home décor, and rest assured your feline friend will have a reliable, and comfortable place to rest. 

The strong and durable metal frame holds your cat safely in place while they take their regular naps while giving them plenty of room to stretch their legs. 

The deluxe plush cover is also removable, so you can wash away any unwanted stains and odors.

Suitable for multiple cats of all ages and breeds, this straightforward bed is great for keeping cats happy and warm throughout the year.


  • Multiple color options are available
  • Soft plush cover for extra comfort
  • Secure and strong metal frame
  • Easy to install and use
  • Collapsible components for washing and storage


  • Small for some larger cats
  • No borders or walls for anxious cats

3. Strong Hanging Cat Radiator Hammock (Best Premium)

Strong Hanging Cat Hammock - Plush Pet Shelf - Folds Easily for Travel - Hang Anywhere -Radiator Cat Bed (Light Brown)

Ideal for pet owners who value security and stability above all else, these heavy-duty over-radiator beds stay firmly in place thanks to a lightweight and durable aluminum structure. 

The body of the bed is made from a combination of soft linen and cotton fabric, to provide your feline friend with an excellent combination of comfort and breathability. 

A set of included arm covers on this bed also ensures the metal hooks won’t scratch the internal components of your radiators. 

As an added bonus, there’s also an included hanging cat toy on one corner of the bed, designed to attract the attention of picky pets.


  • Folds for easy travel
  • Excellent secure design for peace of mind
  • Multiple color options
  • Arm covers to protect your radiator
  • Included hanging toy


  • Hanging toy can easily break
  • The bed may not be as attractive as some alternatives

Alternative Picks for Best Radiator Cat Beds

If the above cat radiator beds don’t appeal to you or your furry friend, then don’t panic. We’ve also found a selection of other fantastic “alternative picks” for you to explore. 

We reviewed each of these products with the same criteria we chose for our premium top picks, such as durability, comfort, and ease of use. Let’s take a closer look.

4. Petlicity Deluxe Radiator Cat Bed

Petlicity Deluxe Radiator Cat Bed, Round Cosy and warm fleece beds Basket Cradle Hammock, Solid & Durable Iron Frame handling heavier Animals, Perfect for Cats, Kittens, Puppy Dog

Ideal for giving your cat a peaceful and secure place to rest during sleeping sessions, this Deluxe Radiator cat bed comes with an extra-deep center. 

This means your cat can comfortably curl up and benefit from having surrounding walls to keep them safe in one place.

The strong and durable and strong metal frame is resistant to bending and breaks and can be folded down for simple storage. 

This radiator bed also includes a delightful faux fur cover, great for mimicking the natural feeling of being curled up next to a mother cat for young felines and kittens.

You can even remove the fleecy blanket and throw it in the washing machine for quick cleaning.


  • Machine washable fleece cover
  • Plenty of space for curling up
  • Excellent high-quality metal frame
  • Fits easily on most radiators
  • Attractive and simple design


  • The frame may be too weak for some larger cats
  • Can be difficult for some cats to exit the bed

5. Cat Hammocks Hanging Luxury Radiator Bed

JTWEB Cat Hammocks Pet Animal Hanging Luxury Radiator Bed, Warm Fleece Basket Cradle Hammock, Strong and Durable Metal Frame, Plush Pet Shelf Keeps Warm and Cosy (Grey)

With two color options to choose from, this modern and luxurious cat radiator bed is sure to fit with your sense of style.

The faux fur cover not only makes the product look great, it also provides your cat with a relaxing and soothing environment for cat sleep.

The strong and durable stable metal frame is collapsible for easy storage, and it’s sturdy enough to hold most adult cats. 

With raised edges to give your kitty somewhere, they can rest their head, this hammock is great for delivering extra support to your feline friend. 

The solution is also extremely easy to use, and simply slots in place over the tops of most radiators.


  • Attractive design in 2 colors
  • Versatile for use on radiators and doors
  • High-quality foldable frame
  • Soft and furry cover
  • Raised edges for neck support


  • May be difficult to clean
  • Can be a little small for some cats

6. SHUOX Hanging Cat Hammock Radiator Cat Bed

SHUOX Hanging Cat Hammock Radiator Cat Bed - Folds Easily for Travel - Hang Anywhere

This cozy radiator cat bed is made with high-quality metal rods to ensure exceptional strength and peace of mind. 

The cover features a soft, furry finish, great for cats looking for a relaxing place to stretch their legs and unwind. 

There’s even the option to remove the cover between uses if you need to give it a quick wash to get rid of stains. 

Capable of supporting up to 33 pounds of weight, this powerful hammock is great for all kinds of cats. 

The wireframe can also fold down flat, so when you want to transport or store your new cat bed, you won’t have to worry about portability.


  • Folds down flat for easy storage
  • Excellent furry cover
  • Good stability and strength
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Not a lot of padding for picky cats
  • May not fit on thicker radiators

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a radiator cat bed can be a complicated process for a number of reasons. Not only do you need to think about the preferences of your feline friend, but you’ll also need to consider your own style, preferences, and home layout. 

Start by paying attention to where your cat usually likes to sleep

If they’re naturally drawn to warm spots and radiators, then a radiator bed might be the perfect solution. 

If your kitty prefers to simply lie on the floor, they might not be drawn to a hanging or hammock-style bed. 

One of the most important things you can do before you begin shopping around is measured your radiators to ensure your bed of choice will fit. 

It’s also worth having a good idea of the weight of your cat, so you know how sturdy and stable your chosen solution needs to be.

Cat Radiator Bed: Features

While the exact features and capabilities you’ll need to look for when choosing a radiator cat bed will vary, there are some key elements every pet parent should consider, such as:

  • Size: First, look at the size of both your cat and your radiator. Many cat radiator beds are designed for smaller felines, so if you have a large breed, you might need to take this into account. Keep in mind most beds will also have a weight limit for how much they can safely hold. Chunkier cats might not be as safe on some radiator beds.
  • Material: Most cat radiator beds feature a combination of metal materials for the frame, and cotton or soft faux fur for the cover. You can also find products with fleece, wool, and other natural options, designed to keep your kitty cozy while offering excellent breathability. Washable materials could be particularly beneficial for managing cleaning and maintenance.
  • Cost: Just because a radiator bed is affordable doesn’t mean it's good value. Although it’s important to consider your budget, remember that a cheaper product could be less secure, or poorly made. The ideal product will offer comfort and security to your kitten, without eating up too much of your budget. 
  • Easy to Clean: A radiator bed, just like any cat bed, can be subject to a range of stains and odors after regular use. Looking for a product with a removable cover that’s easy to clean in a washing machine could be a good way to preserve the longevity of your purchase. Any included pillows should be simple to remove and clean too. 
  • Styles: Radiator beds can come in a range of styles, from cylinders designed to protect your kitty on all sides, to simple hammock style beds. It’s worth thinking about your cat’s sleeping preferences when making your choice, as well as your own personal home décor. Look for an option with multiple color choices if you want to match your existing design scheme.
Best radiator cat bed


What is a cat radiator bed?

A radiator cat bed is essentially a simple bed designed to hang from the top of your home radiator. The idea is these beds give your kitty a comfortable place to curl up and stay warm during the winter months.

These beds can come in a range of shapes and styles to suit different kinds of cats, and may even have removable or changeable covers. 

Why do cats love radiator beds?

Cats are naturally attracted to warm spaces. That’s why you see them snuggling up next to your radiator in winter, or stretching out in a sun beam during the summer. 

Cuddling up next to an external source of heat allows kitties to preserve their extra energy. The additional warmth can also be a source of comfort for an anxious or stressed cats, reminding them of sleeping next to their mother. 

Are radiator beds good for cats? 

A radiator cat bed can be an excellent way to give your cat a safe and comfortable place to snooze if they already love spending time close to the radiator. 

These cat products appeal to a wide range of cats, and they can also help to keep your home neat and tidy, by removing bedding from the floor. 

Are radiator cat beds safe?

The safety and security of any radiator cat bed will depend on how it’s made. Make sure you look for beds with a strong and durable frame, and an excellent ability to hold your cat’s weight. 

If you notice any bending in the wires or arms that hold your cat bed to your radiator, remove it immediately.

cat bed for radiator

Cat Radiator Bed: Summary

The best radiator cat bed can be a fantastic way to treat your kitty to a warm and relaxing sleeping spot.

Cats are naturally drawn to external sources of heat as a way of helping them to retain their excess energy. 

Radiators can be both comforting and reassuring to cats, and a radiator cat bed gives them a safer way to snuggle up close. 

Our top pick for the best radiator cat bed is the Rosewood Rosewood bamboo bed. 

Not only is this product comfortable and secure, but it gives your kitty extra protection on all sides, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of bed if they like to move around during a catnap.

About the author

Rebekah Carter is a dedicated animal lover. Her Savannah cat, Roscoe, has a lot of attitude, while her Maine Coon, Dukino, is full of love. When not writing, she’s looking after her cats and researching ways to help them live their best possible life. Her passion for animals and natural skill for writing led her to pursue pet blogging.