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The Ultimate Donut Cat Bed: Why The Marshmallow Style Wins

Posted in: Cat Supplies - Last Updated: December 9, 2022 - Author: Rebekah Carter
Posted in Cat Supplies 
Last Updated: March 24, 2022  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Well, you might think your house belongs to you BUT your cat is the supreme commander there. And how should the supreme home commander be served? Of course, with a premium comfortable donut cat bed, your furry feline can snuggle in!

Now, the only problem is to find THAT perfect cozy bed for your kitty. I am reviewing the Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Fur Donut Cuddler bed to help you make an informed decision. It is a dog bed but it really is the ULTIMATE donut cat bed as well. 

This is a round shape high-quality donut cuddler cat bed that creates a cozy and protective atmosphere. And in case you have a senior cat, this one is good because the round design bolstered edge acts as a headrest to offer additional orthopedic support.

Your cat needs a comfortable bed it can sleep in and even hide when irritated, afraid, or sick. A good quality bed should be like a cat-cave, where your furball can catch peaceful Zzzzs. This luxury donut cat bed is good for all these purposes.

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Fur Donut Cuddler Bed

Our choice for The Best comfy Bed for your Cat.


Features of the Original Calming Fur Donut Cuddler

There are various reasons why this pet bed would be an ideal choice for cat parents, especially first-time buyers. Let’s discuss them one by one.


I’ll start with what I liked the best. This bed is super adorable and yet the soft fur, reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat, is vegan. If you want a fur bed for your cat that provides superior cozy comfort, is flexible, cruelty-free, faux shag fur, then this one is a great choice.

Deep crevices for burrowing

So, your cat loves to burrow? Or have guineapigs that love hiding in cozy places? This bed is ideal as it is paired with deep crevices, which means your cat can burrow, or other small animals can catch a full restful sleep. Restful sleep is crucial for the good behavior and the better health of your adorable pets.

Orthopedic Support

If you have a senior cat, you must be worried about its security and comfort. As cats turn old, they need support for their heads and necks. The cat bed should have stuffing specially meant to provide joint support and relief from sore muscles

If this is the case with your cat as well, the original calming hag vegan fur donut cuddler bed would be a good choice. It has raised rim perfect for cats who love to curl around their tails and provides a sense of security and a better sleep for your fur baby. 

The cozy bed extends orthopedic support to your furry feline’s head and neck. The brand claims there is super-soft filling to provide joint and muscle pain relief. All in all, your kitty gets to catch a restful pain-free sleep, along with relief from back pain perfect.

cat asleep in Ultimate Donut Cat Bed: Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur

Looks great

I am a visual person. Every furniture piece I get has to be good to look at and go with the aesthetics of my home. And this is the biggest test a lot of dog and cat beds fail. But it seems like the original calming shag vegan fur donut cuddler bed has sorted everything. 

This cat bed is stylish and versatile enough to match almost every home decor. There are five beautiful color choices available. You can opt for one that goes with your furniture.

Great quality and easy to clean

This light stylish vegan fur bed seems to have everything to make your pampered kitty even happier. The doughnut shape lets your kitty sink in, burrow, and curl up. While high-quality fur gives a cozy squishy feel that can make you envy as well. 

The texture is luxuriously soft and shaggy to the extent your cat can keep on kneading it till eternity, yet the bed won’t crumble apart. Sometimes anxious kitties find relief in releasing their anxious energy by kneading their beds. And the best part- the bed is easy to clean with a gentle hand wash.

Mold proof and damp proof

Nobody wants to be woken up from their sleep by bites from mites. It is annoying as hell! Your cat is the same and this bed would be good to ensure the kitty catches its Zzzzs without any disturbance from mites.

It's mold proof, has a washable cover, and is damp-proof!

Size options

Kitties come in various sizes and so should their cat beds. People often make the mistake of thinking that any small-sized dog bed would be good for a cat. Let me tell you, this is a pure myth.

Just like dogs, cats need size options in beds and this brand has surely done its homework. There are three sizes available in 20, 24, and 28 inches. If you are in doubt over which one to choose, always go for the larger size. Err onto the side of caution. There is no such thing as being unable to sleep in a big bed. 

Whether you have a Maine coon cat, Persian furball, or a Sphinx, this cat bed is suitable for all cat breeds. Just choose the right size!

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Easy to transport

If you are someone who changes their residence quite frequently or takes their kitty along with them on trips, this bed could be a good choice. It is compact and easy to transport. No more holidays without your fur baby!


Specifications of the Best Friends By Sheri Original Calming Fur Donut Cuddler

Pet parents have expressed their satisfaction over the bed- its size, comfort, and finishing. The material is faux fur- both water and dirt-resistant. Several buyers have said the bed is true to its size. 

Another main concern usually pet parents have regarding beds is their reusability. Since many buyers find it effective and reusable, this cat bed seems to be great in this aspect as well. The T-shaped handle and roller feature have been explicitly praised. 

The fuzzy pet bed has rubber pieces and comes with a dirt compartment. The only concern some buyers have expressed is if the bed was machine washable. That would have certainly made life easier for cat owners. A few wished the bed was a little more fluffy. 

If you have a cat sensitive to natural fur and fibers, this bed is ideal because it is made from pet-safe materials. Durable nylon and faux fur are safe for all pets, including dogs and cats. 

Though it is advisable to hand wash the bed, I understand life happens and we all get too busy. You can give it a gentle wash at the tumble dry setting under low heat to minimize the pet odor and get rid of excess hair sticking to the bed.

Sizing suggestions

Wondering what size to buy for your cat? 

Well, we all have been there- the first-time buyer’s dilemma. I would suggest you get the 23x23” size bed for your cat weighing up to 25 lbs. If your cat weighs more, get the 30x30” size cat bed.

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Fur Donut Cuddler Bed

Our choice for the best comfy Bed for your Cat.


Why Do Cats Need Their Own Bed?

Does your cat really need a bed? Or, is it us humans projecting our emotions on them?

Turns out cats do need a specific spot- a bed of their own- for comfort, rest, and privacy. And in case you have a multi-cat home, cat beds are a must to give them a sense of belongingness. 

They sleep almost sixteen hours a day and when you sleep this much, you need to be comfortable in your place. When cats do not get peaceful sleep, they get stressed, which can invite several more illnesses into their lives. 

Cats that are not able to sleep in a peaceful environment feeling safe become agitated and stressed. This can lead to problematic behavior like fights among cats and urinating out of the litter box. 

Not just this, your cat can also develop long-term health issues like a bladder infection. Every cat in your house should have its own bed, food, and water. Or else, there will be fights among them, which can lead to serious consequences. 

You may like it or not, cats are territorial by nature. You can allow others to sleep on your bed. Your cat definitely won’t. Giving them their own beds breaks up the hierarchical structure related to fights. 

And here is the most surprising reason why you need to get your cat its own bed. You will no longer find cat hair on odd spots like your laundry basket or fresh laundry load. Because these are the two prime places all cats love to snuggle and sleep in. 

Still unsure about getting a cat bed? Think about how cute your cat would look sleeping peacefully like a fur ball in her fur bed!

What Features You Should Look For in a Cat Bed?

cat resting in donut cat bed

First-Time Donut Cat Bed Buyers?

I understand how overwhelmed you might be. Cat beds are the safe haven your furry feline needs every day, as well as, on days they feel stressed from their surroundings. These days there are so many cat beds available in the market, you won’t feel the dearth of options. 

But what should you specifically for in a cat bed? Do not worry, here is a quick shortlist to help you out.

  • Heated Padding: Have you ever been woken up by your cat in the middle of the night? Cats often resort to sneaking into your bed if theirs isn’t warm enough. Especially if you live in a region where the climate is generally colder, do get a bed with heated padding. If your cat is shy or loves snuggling up for body heat, look for a heated padding cat bed.
  • Washable: This one is for you. Always lookout for an easily washable cat bed. Cats keep themselves clean but the same isn’t true for their beds. There are various reasons why cat beds get dirty. Outdoor cats can bring in dirt from the outside. Litter tracking is also a real problem! In addition to all this, cats are notorious shedders. You need to wash their bed often and keep it clean to prevent problems like skin infections and other illnesses.
  • Suitable to your cat’s nature: Is your cat an extrovert? You will need an open cat bed for it. Shy cats would love cave-type beds, as they can hide in it whenever they want. This gives them a sense of control and privacy. Enclosed beds are also another great option.
  • Soft surface: Cats absolutely love soft furry surfaces. This is why your cat cannot stay away from your towels and blankets. Get your cat soft foam surfaces. Memory foam would be good for senior cats that need orthopedic support.

Types of Cat Bed

There are several types of cat beds available in the market in interesting shapes, colors, and sizes. Here is a quick lay down on the most popular types.

  • Open Cat Bed: Some cats are fine with just anything. They are outgoing, extroverted, and sturdy. They will be content with a soft and comfy floor cushion-type bed. A large pillow or mat would also be good for them. If your cat loves lounging in the open, you can get this type of bed for it.
  • Enclosed Cat Bed: Not all cats like to be around people 24*7. They need a bit of me time to feel safe and secure. You can get enclosed beds for such cats. They have a thick layer of padding to provide comfort. The walls are soft to extend security and warmth to your kitty.
  • Cave Cat Bed: Got a cat that prefers being away for extended periods? Sleeping somewhere peaceful away from the gaze of humans? You need to get cave-type cat beds for such introvert and shy kitties.
  • Heated Cat Bed: Heated cat beds either come with a removable heater or are made with self-warming type material. Cats living in colder regions or having certain health issues need this type of bed.

Getting Your Cat Used to its New Bed

Cats have a mind of their own. You cannot just expect them to start using the bed instinctively as soon as you get it. My cat actually went ahead and used the carton box (the bed came in) as her new home! 

No matter how comfortable the bed is or how many $$$$ you spent to get the new bed, your kitty will spend its own sweet time accepting it. But you can surely rush the process and help your kitty get used to its new bed by doing certain things. These are:

  • Place the bed in the right spot: It is important to choose the right spot for your cat’s bed. Place it somewhere your kitty frequently visits. Make sure the area offers privacy and is noise-free. Your cat needs to sleep in a quiet place.
  • Make it comfy: Make the bed more inviting and comfy for your cat. Does your cat have a favorite toy or blanket? Place it in your cat’s bed. You can also line it with your cat’s favorite fabric.
  • Lure, reward, and praise: Shy kitties take time in adjusting to new things. No matter how soft the bed is you will have to go the extra mile to invite it in. Lure it with its favorite treats. Place the treats on the bed and when the kitty gets in the bed, make sure your shower it with praises. Do this consistently, so that your cat learns to associate the bed with happy feelings.
  • Clean it: Cats are fussy. And in case you have a picky cat, you need to be even more alert. Keep the bed clean or your kitty would stop using it. Stains and strange smells irk cats.

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Fur Donut Cuddler Bed

Our choice for The Best comfy Bed for your Cat.


Donut Cat Bed: The Verdict

So, is there an ultimate donut cat bed you can get for your furry feline?

Yes, the Best Friends by Sheri original calming fur donut cuddler cat bed can be the one. Even first-time buyers can go straight for it. The bed is safe for kitties with sensitivity issues as it is made from vegan faux fur and durable nylon. There are deep crevices for burrowing and the bed provides orthopedic support.

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