Top Ten For Cat Lovers

Tagg-The Pet Tracker Master Kit


Advanced GPS location and activity tracking.
Text and email alerts.
Proactive health monitoring charts.
3 months of service included.
Free Tagg app for iPhone and Android.
Designed for pets over 10 lbs.

Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal


Get some animal action on your car in a way that isn’t illegal in most states with the Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal. Designed for cars with a rear window wiper, this whimsical kitty comes in two flavors: Happy and Grumpy. You get both! (Kids, do not assign Happy and Grumpy to your parents. Let them pick. Just trust us on this one.) Application is easy: clean off the surface, stick down the vinyl decal, and smooth any bubbles out with the side of a credit card. Then turn on your wiper and watch the kitty’s tail swish swish swish!

Sherpa Original Deluxe Carriers


Stylish and functional pet carrier to easily, comfortably and safely transport your pet.
Guaranteed On Board and Airline Approved on most major domestic airlines.
Seatbelt / luggage strap; mesh panels for ventilation; top and side entry; rear pocket.
Spring wire frame easily conforms to airlines’ underseat dimensions.
For pets up to 16 pounds.



Choose our flexible month-to-month MeowBox subscription to keep your furry friend happily occupied for weeks at a time. Even finicky felines can’t resist our magical assortment of treats, goodies and gadgets delivered to their front doors every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time – but we don’t think you will.

Cat Paw Shaped Novelty Door Stopper


“Here Kitty” Cat’s Paw door stopper.
Silicone rubber.
Measures 4″ long x 1.75″ wide.
Double sided doorstop is 100% feline approved.

Cat Washroom And Night Stand


Attractive multi-functional pet house also hides unsightly litter box.
Classic, clean white fiberboard cabinet features wainscoting paneling and stainless steel hardware.
Provides a safe, discrete resting/sleeping area for dogs and cats.
Minimum assembly required; instructions and hardware included.
Measures 18.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches; 1-year warranty.

Classy Cat wet food dish


Available in 7 colors, Eggshell, Gray, Black, Pink, Teal ,Blue, Gold and Pink. Cats & SMALL Dogs can stand or sit comfortably while eating, no more crouching down to floor level.
Designed specifically for WET food. Heavy durable stoneware very resistant to chipping, tipping and sliding with normal use.
Dishwasher & Microwave Safe. Absolutely Lead Free. Easy to pick up from floor!
Unique turned in rim helps pets pick up food and keep it from being pushed over the sides.
1 cup capacity. 5.25″ tall. 6″ Wide and 1″ deep. Pedestal is ATTACHED to dish. Wide Shallow surface & low sides help prevent whisker irritation and give pets easy access to food.

Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad


Safe and soothing warmth.
Non-electrical; simply heat up in your microwave.
Plate-size pad easily fits under your pet’s bed.
Provides up to 10 hours of safe and soothing warmth.
Non-toxic thermapol compound.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain


Innovative watering system features patented 5-inch free-falling water stream.
Holds 168 fluid ounces of water.
Keeps your pet off counters and out of sinks and toilets.
Includes reservoir, replaceable charcoal filter, snap-on lid, pre-filter, and submersible pump.
For use in the US only..

Best Cat Trees


Take Advantage of Our Book to Construct a Superior Cat Tree. We Explain Every Step of Construction for 11 Cat Trees, Plus Optional Designs. Our Book will Pay For Itself in Time and Materials Savings!

Bubbling Under…

Sleeping Cat Printed Pillow


All pillows are made from original photographs taken by in the seam’s shop owner and photographer: Ronda J Smith.
Printed on cotton sateen, hand stuffed, and sewn onto black cotton-twill fabric to create: “COUCH ART”!

Paw Print Car Magnets


Set of 6 Paw Print Car Magnets.
Each magnet measures 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches.
Designed specifically for outdoor use.
UV resistant inks resist fading due to sun exposure.
Won’t damage car surface.

Modkat Litter Box


This award winning cat litter box looks great out and keeps litter in. Modkat is a top entry cat litter box that embraces form as well as function, works with your décor and greatly reduces litter tracking. Its modern, patented design compliments any room, while the enclosed base and “rooftop” access allows your cat the privacy needed to do their business.

Brainwave Emotion Controlled Cat Ears


Four movements based on your brainwaves and emotions.
Weight of the headband is 10 ounces.
Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).
Research-Grade technology trusted by over 400 universities.
Totally safe! Only two light-touch sensors on your forehead and ear.