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Writing for ‘We Love Cats And Kittens’

We’re taking things up several gears and looking for several world-class cat writers to join our team. 

Our mission is for our website to become the best all-round cat website for cat lovers. We already have the best cat stories and cat videos and now we are starting to add in-depth, fully researched, articles on everything cat related.

That means we need fantastic, experienced, cat loving writers.

Who We Need

​We need experienced and knowledgeable writers who love cats.

  • ​Cat bloggers who already write about cats!
  • Contributors to websites already writing about cat related stuff
  • Vets, pet care professionals, cat breeders, cat rescue experts, cat foster parents
  • Cat lovers with a large social presence who can share articles on their social media
  • Professional writers who understand affiliate review writing

You might be a cat owner or lover who is also a writer, but we are also looking specifically for veterinarians, cat breeders or other cat health professionals.

​In addition, if you have experience writing authority or affiliate driven articles on cat products, cat food or cat related, we especially want to hear from you.

What Kind of Writing

We need several different types of articles, but they all need:

  • ​Well researched, informative and helpful information
  • To be broken down into easily digestible categories and blocks of information
  • At least a basic understanding of search engine optimisation and keyword research
  • Native tongue standard and grammatically perfect English!
  • Relaxed and informative writing style
  • 100% original and new content (not published elsewhere)
  • No plagiarism or text repurposing of any kind

We’re looking for articles that are written from an objective viewpoint and conveying valuable how-to content for our readers (practical advice, actionable tips, and useful know-how). All articles will be focused on answering keyword search queries and will be written with attention to SEO.

Articles should contain relevant images to illustrate the topic (we have access to libraries you can use), and where appropriate should source videos from YouTube to highlight key points or specific products.

Subjects that we need covered in articles include:

  • Cat Breeds
  • Cat Health
  • Cat Care
  • Cat Diet and Nutrition
  • Cat Supplies
  • Cat Accessories
  • Cat Toys
  • Cat Behavior
  • Cat Training
  • Cat Grooming
  • Cat Stories
  • Cat News

What Does It Pay?

Our current rate for first class writers starts at $30 / 1000 words.

We are looking for most of our articles to be in-depth and usually no less than 3,000 words, rising to, and even over, 7,500 words.

That means you can earn from $225 or more per article.

In addition we are looking for our writers to work for us on a long term permanent basis. We are looking for writers who can write upwards of 30,000 words per month (or more) to earn $1000 per month (or more) on an ongoing basis. 30,000 words might be four in-depth articles and can take an experienced writer only 3 or 4 days.

If this is right for you, complete the form above and contact us asap.

Other Roles?

We are also looking to fill the following two roles:

Content Manager - with experience of editing and posting content on WordPress using Thrive Architect.

If that’s you, please contact us using the same form above with links to some pages or posts you have built using Thrive Architect.

Project Manager - ​To oversee all keyword research, content planning, working with writers and the content manager to research, create and post all our new content. You will likely have experience running an authority affiliate driven website.

If that’s you, please use the form above to contact us and show examples of the projects you’ve run.

We are also in the early stages of looking to hire a video editor and video content manager to focus on the growth of our YouTube channel. If you love cats and cat videos, then drop us a line in the form above about that position.

​Guest Blogging

Entirely separate from our paid writing staff, we sometimes accept guest posts and will usually allow links and mentions to your own website and an author box bio that links to your social media.

We do not accept paid promotional posts or guest posts from brands or that link to brand websites.

This is what we are looking for:

  • 100% Original Content
  • A minimum of 3000 words

We will inform you if your article has been accepted for publication; expect to hear from us within a week or so of our having received your email.

Guest post articles accepted for publication will be edited for clarity and brevity and to conform to the ‘We Love Cats And Kittens’ house style. We will likely change your title, too, so you might want to suggest some alternatives.

If you’re interested in contributing a guest post to our website here are some helpful guidelines:

  1. 1
    Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere.
  2. 2
    Articles should be focused on answering a keyword driven question.
  3. 3
    Articles should offer readers clear advice, takeaways, and practical how-to tips. Bullet points are good. Meandering text is not.
  4. 4
    At the beginning of your article, summarise what the article is about.
  5. 5
    Include a brief bio of 25 words, including your website URL, Social Media Pages or Profiles and your contact info, if available, and a recent headshot (make sure your entire head is in the picture).
  6. 6
    Include relevant links in as hyperlink anchor text in your draft.
  7. 7
    Submit articles as a Google Doc (no PDF files, please), with images in a separate attached folder, not as part of the document (Within the doc add the lines “[xxx image goes here]”.)
  8. 8
    If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies in which you have a vested interest, disclose as much to the audience.
  9. 9
    We do not pay guest post contributors for their articles.
  10. 10
    We do not publish press releases.

If you want to submit a guest post following the guidelines above, please use the form at the top of the page.

Thanks for thinking about writing or working with us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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