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This is a fun trip down memory lane…Cat Man Chris came across these clips of Cole from the early days. What a little sweetheart he was back then, bounding around trying to get in trouble. There is nothing cuter than a kitten playing!

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Cole’s Emergency Vet Visit

Just before Christmas, Cat Man Chris had to rush his beloved kitty Cole to the vet as he was running a very high temperature. Fortunately, he’s back at home and back to normal, the vet had run various tests and found nothing wrong. It was a very scary time for all and something that we all dread and hope we never have to go through.

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First Time Walking in the Snow for Cole and Marmalade

Snow must be a very bemusing thing to a cat that has never seen it before, large blobs of white falling out of the sky and then resting on the ground to form an enormous cold blanket. Cole and Marmalade used to live in much sunnier climes so for them, so when they first saw snow through the window, they were completely mesmerised by it.

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New Kittens at the Cole and Marmalade House

Cole and Marmalade’s human dad Chris recently helped a friend trap 3 semi-feral kittens, here’s what he had to say about it: “I recently helped a friend of the family trap these semi-feral kittens that lived around her property, their mum hadn’t been seen for two weeks, and the cold weather is here in Illinois…

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