Cole’s Emergency Vet Visit

Cole’s Emergency Vet Visit
Just before Christmas, Cat Man Chris had to rush his beloved kitty Cole to the vet as he was running a very high temperature. Fortunately, he’s back at home and back to normal, the vet had run various tests and found nothing wrong. It was a very scary time for all and something that we all dread and hope we never have to go through.

Chris says: “An emergency vet visit with your cat is never fun! … I’m sure many others have been in this situation and can relate to how helpless we felt that night when we rushed Cole to the vet. We still don’t really know what caused his temperature to get so high that day, it came on suddenly from what we can tell (cats hide illness so well) … we’re 99.9% sure he didn’t eat anything that could have caused this and all the other felines in the house were fine… but the good thing is that the vets didn’t find any problems with all the tests they ran 🙂 So it was a very scary couple of days but we’re relieved to have Cole back home and back to normal, fingers and paws crossed that this never happens again!”

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