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Last Updated: November 3, 2021  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

It’s easy to forget that our cats are predators. 

They’re so cute, with their soft fur and their darling toe beans. Usually, we only get a chance to see our cat’s more predatory side when they’re hunting toy mice or chasing bugs. 

best raw cat food brands

Still, it’s worth remembering that Mrs. Fluffykins is a hunter, and that means she needs a hunter’s diet, and, at least some of the time, that should mean giving her only the best raw cat foods.

And before we begin, just to save any confusion raw cat food is often referred to as freeze dried cat food.

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

Our choice is Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats as the best Overall Raw Cat Food

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels Cat Food, 18 oz. Bag, Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Dinner Morsels

The ingredients of your carefully chosen freeze dried cat food should cover most of the nutrients and meats that your kitty needs to stay healthy. However, there are some people out there who believe the absolute best way to keep a cat in top shape is to give them a quality freeze dried cat food diet. 

Freeze dried cat food delivers a considerable amount of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins – including things that often get lost in the cooking process. 

So, should you be feeding your cat a raw diet?

Who Buys Freeze Dried Cat Food?

The raw cat food movement is growing

Just as many parents prefer to give their babies home-made meals prepared at home, endless cat moms and dads are creating raw food recipes for their furry children. What’s more, cat food companies are beginning to experiment more with raw cat food diet meals too.

Supporters of the raw cat food diet believe that cooking meat makes it harder for their four-legged friends to get the same nutrition that they would get in the wild. These people say that feeding their cats raw food leads to:

Now that you can get the best freeze-dried raw cat foods on the web, it’s easy to introduce these meals to your kitty, without having to deal with tons of raw meat yourself. Some people even find raw cat food to be more effective for storage and portability purposes.

On top of that, some experts believe raw cat food diets are better for kitties with food sensitivities. After all, fewer ingredients means fewer chances for a reaction.

Should You Try Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food?

Like most things in the world of cat care, some people swear by the raw food diet, and people who don’t like it at all. As always, I’d recommend talking to your vet before you start changing your pet’s diet.

It’s also worth noting that feeding a raw cat food diet can come with some risks. For instance, raw foods can contain pathogens if they’re not properly prepared and stored. While cats often digest raw foods better than humans, it’s worth doing your research. Remember to look at:

  • Ingredients: Cats need important ingredients in their meals, including protein from fish or meat, and amino acids. Check the ingredients for essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals too. Any “extra” like grains and vegetables aren’t always necessary.
  • Flavors: Even if your vet agrees that a raw cat food diet is right for you, your cat might not feel the same way. You’ll need to find something that appeals to your moggy, so make sure that you explore a range of flavors.
  • Formulation: Most raw cat foods are freeze-dried to help with storage. However, there are other options out there. It’s best to avoid making your own raw food if you can, as it’s hard to know exactly what combinations of meat and ingredients are right for your cat.

If you do decide to experiment with freeze dried raw cat foods for your furry friends, then make sure you have the right plan in place. Usually, it’s best to add small amounts of a new food to your cat’s existing meals to help them get used to the new flavors. 

Switching too rapidly from one diet to another increases your kitty’s chances of tummy problems and vomiting, so take it slow.

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FAQ: Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food Questions

Q: How do I switch my cat to raw cat foods?

A: Just like with any diet, it’s important not to jump from one food to another too quickly. Raw cat foods have quite a different texture to other foods, so it’s going to mess with your cat’s digestion a little. Start by offering a small amount of food to your cat, and gradually increase the quantity.

Q: Is a freeze dried raw cat food diet healthier?

A: It depends on who you ask. A lot of people believe that feeding their cats raw foods ensures that they get the right kind of nutrition – similar to what they would get in the wild. Commercial raw diets can also be freeze-dried to reduce the risk of pathogens. Some studies do show that providing the right kind of diet to your cat can help it to live longer, but it’s often difficult to know what the best food is without speaking to a vet.

Q: Are the best raw cat foods expensive?

A: The amount you spend on raw foods will depend on the kind of brands you buy from. Usually, raw foods are a bit more expensive than their counterparts. That’s generally because you’re getting more “expensive” ingredients in the food.

Q: What if my cat won’t eat raw cat food?

A: If your cat rejects the raw cat food initially, you can always go back to the other food and then try to gradually introduce the raw cat food meat again in the future. Keep in mind that there will be some kitties out there that just don’t like raw food. If that’s the case for your feline, then you might need to speak to your vet about how you can provide your moggy with the right meals.

Q: Can you buy raw kitten foods?

A: Knowing when to start feeding your cat raw food can be difficult. You’ll need to ensure that your kitten has the right teeth to cut through raw meats if you’re going for home-made meals. Fortunately, many freeze-dried cat food options are easy enough for virtually any cat. Your kitten shouldn’t have a problem with this kind of food, but make sure you double-check with your vet.

Q: Why is my cat drinking/pooping less

A: Raw cat food could change some of your cats habits. For instance, because these meals contain more water than their counterparts, your kitty might not need to drink as often. Many pet owners also say that raw foods reduce the amount of stool that a cat produces.


The 10 Best Raw Cat Food Options

If you think raw foods might be the best option for your cat, there are plenty of great options to choose from. I’ve scoured the marketplace for the highest-rated and most popular raw cat foods to get you started on the right track.

1. Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats (Best Overall Raw Cat Food)

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-dried raw cat food is one of the most popular options on the market for people keen to join the raw movement. Available in flavors ranging from Chicken, to Duck, Rabbit, and Salmon, there’s something for every kitty.

Every small batch of this freeze-dried raw cat food is made with responsibly sourced ingredients in a USA-based kitchen. What’s more, you can rest assured that every portion will be 95% meat, bone, and organ, specifically formulated for your four-legged friend. There are no unnecessary “extra ingredients” to worry about in this food. Everything included is hand-picked to support your kitty’s health. Plus, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels Cat Food, 18 oz. Bag, Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Dinner Morsels


  • All-natural ingredients with minimal processing
  • Freeze-dried for convenience (easy to store)
  • Made in the USA with responsibly sourced ingredients
  • Satisfaction guarantee included
  • Totally grain-free


  • Quite chunky for smaller cats
  • Expensive for a small amount

2. INSTINCT Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food Boost Mixers (Best Raw Cat Food Topper)

If you’re introducing your moggy to raw meals for the first time, it’s best to start slow. A topper that you can mix with your cat’s regular meals might go down a treat. What’s more, using a topper, rather than relying exclusively on raw cat food, can reduce your costs too.

The freeze-dried raw cat food topper from INSTINCT comes with cage-free chicken and absolutely no grain. It’s a fantastic way to add the benefits of raw meals to your cat’s food, without overspending. Alternatively, you could always just give your cat some of these delicious nuggets as an extra treat. Just mix INSTINCT with your cat’s usual wet or dry food to start seeing the difference.

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food Topper, Grain Free Cat Food Topper 6 Ounce (Pack of 1)


  • Great way to reduce the cost of raw food diets
  • Easy introduction to raw for picky cats
  • No grain included
  • Excellent high-quality meat


  • Only one flavor option
  • Quite large nuggets – might not suit all cats

3. CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Ancestral Diet (Best High Protein Raw Cat Food)

Sometimes, raw cat food can be a fantastic way for you to add some more essential ingredients to your cat’s diet. For instance, raw foods are excellent for a much-needed protein boost. This freeze-dried raw food from CANIDAE is particularly ideal for protein, with a direct focus on giving your cats the kind of nutrition their ancestors had. 

There are a range of options to choose from, including multi-protein mixes, and those for indoor health. No matter which recipe you choose, you can expect an excellent grain-free formula, with no soy, wheat or corn.

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Ancestral Diet, High Protein Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food


  • Excellent for protein
  • Lots of different variations to choose from
  • Excellent freeze-dried design for storage
  • Multiple sizes of packets to choose from


  • Can be difficult to introduce to cats, due to a quite different texture
  • Not ideal for fussier kitties

4. Feline Natural Grain-Free Freeze-Dried (Best grain-free Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food)

Low in carbs and high in meat, this natural raw cat food diet from Feline Natural is an excellent choice for pet owners. If you want to give your kitty plenty of the ingredients that he or she needs to stay healthy, but you don’t want to risk obesity, this meal has you covered. 

Made from grass-fed and free-range meats, you know that the formula of these foods is all ethically and responsibly sourced. What’s more, the food meets with all the requirements of groups like the AAFCO. There are no fillers or GMO ingredients to worry about. Plus, your food comes freeze-dried so that it’s easier to store.

Feline Natural Grain-Free Freeze Dried Cat Food, Chicken & Lamb 11oz


  • Freeze-dried for portability
  • Low on carbs but high on meat
  • Whole-food ingredients that are ethically sourced
  • Easy to use as a full meal or topper


  • Extraordinarily strong smell compared to other foods
  • Crunchy texture might not appeal to some cats

5. Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food Nibbles (Best Freeze dried Raw Cat Food Treats)

If feeding your cat, a full raw food diet doesn’t work for their preferences, or your budget, you can always use raw foods as treats. The smaller packets of freeze-dried cat foods from Northwest Naturals are particularly useful for pet owners that want to use their raw foods as treats. 

There are absolutely no added vegetables, fruits, or grains in this food. Instead, you get a 100% high-quality meat diet made from muscle and organs. If you’ve got a particularly fussy cat (like mine), there are also various flavors to choose from.

Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Food - Bite-Sized Nibbles - Healthy, Limited Ingredients, Human Grade Pet Food, All Natural - 11 Oz (Packaging May Vary)


  • Excellent treat-sized packet
  • Good way to introduce cats to raw food without spending much
  • Plenty of flavors to choose from
  • Freeze-dried for easier storage


  • Not possible to use as a full meal due to expense
  • Quality control is unpredictable (some packets come crushed)

6. Sojos Complete Raw Natural Dry Raw Cat Food Mix

Designed for both dogs and cats, the Sojos complete raw food gives carnivores everything they need. This complete food option is 100% grain-free. There’s no trace of GMOs or gluten, which means you have less chance of dealing with allergies. What’s more, all you need to do is add water to transform the dry cat food into a delicious meal.

This is an interesting alternative option for cats who don’t like the freeze-dried cat food chunks offered elsewhere in the raw market. The recipe is specially formulated for adults, however, so it might not be suitable for younger kittens.

Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe Dehydrated Cat Food, 1 lb


  • 100% grain-free cat food
  • Gluten-free and GMO-free
  • Alternative to the standard freeze-dried options
  • AAFCO nutrition profile approved


  • Only one flavor option
  • Not ideal for picky eaters

7. Almo Nature HFC Raw Cat Food Pack

If freeze-dried chunks of cat food aren’t the right option for your little feline friends, there’s an alternative.

You can also find plenty of raw cat food pouches to try too. For instance, Almo Nature HFC is a complete raw food, created with natural ingredients. The ingredients in these packets include 75% fresh meat or fish at human-grade quality.

Gluten-free, the Almo Nature foods are also carefully designed to improve digestibility. What’s more, you get the peace of mind of knowing that the profits from these raw cat food packs go back to cats, dogs, and biodiversity research.

No products found.


  • Excellent alternative to freeze-dried cat food
  • Packages are easy to use, with pre-measured portions
  • High—quality fresh ingredients
  • Suitable for hypersensitive cats, with no gluten


  • Only one flavor choice
  • Not convenient for storage
  • Small packets for a big cost

8. Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Rabbit Mini Nibs

The Rabbit mini nibs from Vital Essentials are another freeze-dried option from our list of best raw cat food choices. That means that once again, you get a solution that’s extremely easy to store and use. This grain-free and gluten-free mixture include vitamin A, Vitamin B6, iron, zinc, taurine, and plenty of other excellent minerals.

What’s more, because the freeze-dried cat food nibs are extra small, we think that this pawsome cat food from Vital makes a good choice for kittens or older cats with sensitive teeth. You could even use this food as a topper for your other cat foods, or an extra treat.

No products found.


  • All rabbit and nothing else
  • Excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Freeze-dried for simple storage
  • Suitable for treats or as a meal topper


  • Only one flavor
  • Texture can be quite tough and crunchy for cats who prefer wet food

9. CountryPet Naturals Pasteurized Frozen Raw Cat Food

If you’re looking for a way to feed your kitties nothing but natural ingredients, then the CountryPet Naturals is one of the leading options in pasteurized food. Delivering nothing but natural ingredients, there are absolutely no GMOs or grain in this raw cat food. 

With a couple of different flavors to choose from, you should have an easier time finding a meal that suits your kitty’s tastes. Additionally, this particular food is perfectly suited to cats at all life stages too! It comes in a large package that you need to prepare yourself by cutting chunks up for your kitty. That means that there is a little more effort involved than with some alternative options.

No products found.


  • Excellent natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins
  • Totally grain-free and gluten free, with no GMOs
  • Ideal for all cat life stages, including senior cats
  • Vital organs included for extra health support


  • Requires more effort for preparation
  • Not as convenient for storage as freeze-dried foods

10. Steve's Real Food Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food Nuggets

Finally, the raw dinner nuggets from Steve’s Real Food offer nothing but natural ingredients so that you can give the best to your cat. These nuggets of raw food fortified come conveniently packaged with raw goats milk, and the brand ethically sources all of the ingredients

Designed to be mixed with water, these raw cat food meals are an excellent option for both dogs and cats. However, because you do need to combine them with water, there is a little more preparation involved.

Steve's Real Food Freeze-Dried Raw Nuggets 1.25# (Turkey)


  • Excellent selection of flavors
  • Free-range and vegetarian fed
  • Antibiotic and hormone-free
  • Suitable for cats and dogs


  • Quite chunky – too big for smaller cats
  • Strong smell

Which is the Best Raw Cat Food?

There are tons of fantastic raw cat food options out there for pet owners who want to invest in their kitty’s health. My favorite option here is the Stella and Chewy Freeze-dried raw dinner morsels for cats. This food is packed full of essential ingredients, like taurine, and protein, to keep your feline in fantastic health. 

Additionally, unlike many of the freeze dried raw cat food choices out there, Stella & Chewy is available in a selection of flavors, so you can find the one that’s best suited to your cat.

Remember, whichever of our best raw cat foods you decide to use, it’s essential to speak to your vet first. Ask your vet about switching to raw meals, and make sure that they agree it’s a good idea for your moggy. Not all cats will respond well to freeze dried raw cat foods.

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Rebekah Carter is a dedicated animal lover. Her Savannah cat, Roscoe, has a lot of attitude, while her Maine Coon, Dukino, is full of love. When not writing, she’s looking after her cats and researching ways to help them live their best possible life. Her passion for animals and natural skill for writing led her to pursue pet blogging.