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Author:  Jan Travell

We love cats and we love helping cat owners with stories, videos and advice.

One of the things we do in many of our articles is recommend cat supplies or cat food and where you can buy them.


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More often than not, we suggest that you should check out Chewy.com when you need to buy discount cat food or cat supplies online.

We often link to them in our stories and, whenever we do a review of a cat product or cat food, we usually suggest that you check on Chewy to see their price and whether they stock the item in question.

They are usually cheaper than the competition and normally have everything in stock since their range is so large.

But, it’s not just the value that makes us recommend Chewy.

They have a heart - and it’s plain to see.

Before we tell you more about that though, let's look at how you can save money with Chewy when you buy cat food online.

How to Save 30% on Your Cat Supplies

The first time you make an order from Chewy.com you can get a 30% discount on the whole order plus free shipping.

Here’s how:

  • 1. Read our articles full of advice on cat food and cat supplies.
  • 2. Find something that you think you might like to buy for your cat.
  • 3. Click through to Chewy.com from this page or any of the links like this one on our site.
  • 4. Place your order and receive 30% off as long as the goods qualify for the discount (most do!)
  • 5. Qualify for free shipping if your order total is over $49.
  • 6. Receive your cat supplies quickly and securely in the mail - typically shipped within 48 hours.
  • 7. If you have any problems, deal with the legendary Chewy customer service (more on that below…)
  • 8. If you need it, take advantage of their 100% unconditional, 365 day guarantee.

If you set up Chewy Autoship you will qualify for a further (and ongoing) discount of an additional 5-10% on qualifying products.

What is Autoship?

Autoship is Chewy’s automated shipping option for those cat supplies and cat foods that you know you need delivered regularly.


You set up Autoship (and get that 30% discount off your first order) for the cat food and other cat supplies that you know you buy all the time. Then you set how often you want them delivered - say every couple of weeks or once a month, whatever works for you. Then you’ll get the same stuff for your cat delivered at the same intervals (and get a locked in 5-10% discount on your cat food for life).

Here’s the best thing - this is not a subscription, so you can log in or give them a call and delay or bring forward the next delivery exactly as you need.

You can add or remove products from your Autoship order. Chewy even send you an email right before they Autoship your next order so that you have the chance and the time to make any changes before they charge your card and ship.

It’s just designed to make buying that cat food and cat litter that you need a no-brainer!

You’ll see when you set up your first order at Chewy that they even have a checkbox to add Autoship that says ‘Yes, make my life easy’, because that's exactly what it does!

There is no membership fee or additional cost for Autoship and you can cancel at any time.

Set up your first Chewy Autoship now!

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Why Do Cat Owners Love Chewy.com?

So, we know that Chewy is all about making it easier for you to get the cat supplies and cat food you need at the best possible price.

But that’s not the only reason huge numbers of cat owners use them as their preferred pet store.

Chewy has made something of a mission in both the people it hires and the way they approach customer service.

Most of the people working at Chewy are pet parents themselves and they love their cats (and dogs!) as much as we all do. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Stories of customers having hour long chats with customer service at Chewy are many and varied. These often include both customer and agent sharing stories about their fur babies back and forth and forgetting that they are supposed to be shopping!

However, it’s the stories of excellent customer service when things don’t quite work out that have helped Chewy win countless awards and let them and their customers build a strong bond that’s about more than shopping for pet supplies.

It’s clear that the people who work at Chewy love their pets and they know you love your pet too. They want to do right by you and your pet and that’s how they approach fixing any issue.

They do this by having a commitment to answering every call within a few rings and having a human answer rather than an automated system.

The whole Chewy mission is to help you with your pet’s needs. They do that by standing by the quality and condition of the products they sell. They then also bring simple acts of kindness and generosity to what they do.

What this means for the customer like you is that you can trust them to resolve any issues with cat supplies you’ve had delivered. There’s a 100% unconditional guarantee that allows you to return anything within 365 days if you haven’t used it.

And, if you have a problem with a product Chewy will often go above and beyond in fixing your issue.

The number of stories of this exceptional customer service that you can find online is huge, but here’s a few examples.


Image credit : Forbes

Take this one that was picked up and reported on by Forbes:

A customer had posted a review on Chewy’s site that the cat litter she’d bought from Chewy wasn’t suitable for her long-haired cat.

This wasn't a complaint as such and wasn’t about Chewy but rather about the product.

Nonetheless Chewy reached out, credited the customer with a refund for the cat litter and asked her to take what she had left to a cat shelter.

The thing that tells us what kind of company this is was the line in their message to the customer:

“Anytime an item doesn’t work out, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll always make it right.”

That’s all we want to hear from the people we buy stuff from!

Then there’s the stories of customer service agents at Chewy reaching out to customers when their beloved fur babies have passed.

There’s many of these heartwarming stories for both cat and dog owners.

What strikes us as special about these is that they show a human touch and concern for fellow pet owners.

Again, in Forbes there’s this story, of how a Chewy agent arranged and sent a bunch of flowers to a cat dad who’d just lost his cat of 17 years.

Mike had called up to cancel his Autoship after his cat had passed, and rather than getting an ordinary interaction he was asked about his cat called Homey and was offered heartfelt condolences. Then, a few days later, a handwritten card and flowers arrived at his door from Diane, the agent he’d dealt with at Chewy.

And this cat dad isn’t the only one. Look online and you’ll find plenty of other stories about other times the folks at Chewy have done this for grieving pet parents. It seems the folks at Chewy are cat parents just like us and they really care for their kitties, and ours.

Set Up Your Account at Chewy

There’s one more thing we love about Chewy.

When you set up your new account they ask you about your pet (or pets).

The thing is, they know that this account to buy your cat supplies isn’t really an account for you, it’s an account for your kitty! He or she is the one who's getting all these goodies!

So, when you go to set up your Chewy account the first page after you create an account with your email is to ‘Add a Pet’.


And, when you do, you get to add the name of your fur baby, her age, breed and any health conditions she might have.

Plus a photo of your kitty!

It’s a lovely touch and it means that Chewy really do know more about your pet than other pet stores so they can recommend the right cat supplies just for you and your kitty.

Set up your Chewy account now!

Click Here Now

We really can’t say enough good things about Chewy and hope that you give them a try. Let us know how it works out for you and your fur babies.

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