7 Best Cat Gifs of the Week – 18th April 2015

Every day we post a great GIF to Twitter. Then, at the end of the week we round them up into one mega post. Here then are this week’s 7 best cat GIFs from all over the internet.


1. If you have a cat, you’ll know this is what computer time is….


2. Sausage cat is on the move – albeit a little lazily…..


3. That is one smart problem solving kitty!

clever jump

4. I love this tiny kitten gif – he’s just tooo cute!

cup kitty

5. Time for a snooze – Immediately!

sleepy time

6. You know that bit in the Thriller video where they wiggle the shoulders and drag a foot in tight. That!


7. Goalkeeping cat. Sign him up!


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