7 Best Cat Gifs of the Week – 25th July 2015

Every day we post a great GIF to Twitter. Then, at the end of the week we round them up into one mega post. Here then are this week’s 7 best cat GIFs from all over the internet.


1. The best catgif ever?   Maybe. Super cute kitty for sure.

oh doh

2. Just checking each other out. Can’t quite decide if it’s fight night or a love-in!

checkin out

3. We’ve all had ‘the look’ from our kitties, but this is unbeatable!

scratch post (2)

4. A little privacy please!


5. This cute little kitten hasn’t quite got to grips with cushions yet!

cushion fail

6. Is this a new dance craze among our feline friends? Come on everybody, do the kitty bounce!


7. Play it again, kitty!


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