7 Best Cat Gifs of the Week – 9th January 2016

Every day we post a great GIF to Twitter. Then, at the end of the week we round them up into one mega post. Here then are this week’s 7 best cat GIFs from all over the internet.


1. Does this ever happen to you?

sit on computer

2. Spidercat WILL succeed in getting back in the house!

200 (1)

3. Oops !!

house of cards

4. OMG! I love sand cat kittens!

sand cat kittens

5. I thought the cat was supposed to chase the rat !!

rat and cat

6. Did you mean to do that little kitten? Either way, it’s very impressive !!

slide down stairs

7. Kitten Condo! Hours of endless fun!

kitten condo

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