7 Best Cat Gifs of the Week – 9th July 2016

Every day we post a great GIF to Twitter. Then, at the end of the week we round them up into one mega post. Here then are this week’s 7 best cat GIFs from all over the internet.


1. Go on, get that fruit ninja kitty!

fruit ninja

2. This has to be the cutest cherry pie I’ve ever seen!

cherry pie

3. Oh boy! This is much harder than trying to catch the laser dot!!


4. Hey dude! That’s my bag !

HEY get up

5. If you’re having a bad day, here’s David Tennant with some cats!

tennant with cats

6. 2000 words per minute #cat typist !!


7. What’s going on in there?…let me take a look !!

cat in mouth

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