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Litter Robot 4 Review: Can A Litter Box Really Be Worth $700?

Posted in: Cat Litter, Cat Supplies, Litter Box - Last Updated: January 8, 2024 - Author: Rebekah Carter
Last Updated: March 27, 2023  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Today, we’re reviewing the intelligent Litter Robot 4, the latest automated litter box created by the Litter Robot brand. While life with cats is often a joy, there are certain tasks most pet parents would prefer to avoid. Cleaning out the litter box is probably the least popular job in any household with felines. 

Litter robot 4

Not only is it time-consuming, but it can be messy (and smelly) too. 

Automated litter box manufacturers aim to eliminate this problem, by cleaning your cat litter for you and ultimately leaving your kitty with cleaner paws and you with a tidier home. They intelligently deposit waste into a separate section within the device, so you can easily empty your tray without having to worry about endless scooping. 

The Litter Box 4 Review - Is It Any Good?

The Litter Robot 4 is one of the most popular litter boxes available in this category. It’s the latest, most up to date design from the company. It comes equipped with a host of great features, from weight sensors, and weight sensor technology, the Whisker app for monitoring your cat's litter box usage and a robust, and sturdy design. 

However, a hefty price tag of around $700 leaves a lot of pet parents wondering whether this extravagant purchase is really worthwhile. 

We put the Litter Box 4 to the test with our own kitties as you can see in our hands-on (and paws-on!) testing in the video below, to give you a behind-the-scenes insight into the features, benefits, and potential downsides of this intelligent product. 

And, yes, if you can afford it, we come down firmly on the side of it being worth it. Sure, that’s a hell of a lot to pay for a litter box but it changes the way you deal with cat mess in your litter box. By which we mean, you pretty much don’t have to any longer!

No Water Supply Needed (A Massive Plus)

It’s also worth noting that some of the competing automated litter boxes need to be plumbed into a water supply. The Litter Robot 4 doesn’t, which means it’s the easiest to set up and use and you can put it somewhere that works for you rather than it having to be next to a sink or toilet.

As you’ll see in the video review, Holly and her cats decided it was, ‘awesome’ and she’s keeping it!

litter robot

No More Sifting Smelly Cat Litter!

We think it's PAWSOME!

What is the Litter Robot 4? 

The Whisker Litter Box 4 is an automated, self-cleaning cat litter box. Like most automated boxes, it can electronically sift litter out of your litter tray on your behalf, so you spend less time cleaning up after your kitty. 

This powerful product is the latest variation of the “Litter Robot” box, and it’s just as stylish as the last, with a modern, minimalistic appearance. 

Just keep in mind it’s a pretty heavy product, which takes up a lot of space – so make sure you have room in your home for the device. 

litter robot 4 review

The Litter Robot 4 uses self-cleaning technology to remove waste discreetly and quietly from the litter tray and deposit it into a separate sealed waste drawer. When the drawer is full, you’ll get an alert on your phone telling you it’s time to empty everything out.

The great thing about products like the Litter Robot 4, is they don’t just save you time and cut down on the sifting process and cat waste part of looking after a domestic cat. They can also reduce your risk of kitties pooping outside of the litter box, by ensuring their bathroom remains clean and fresh. 

The mobile app included with the product also allows you to monitor litter box usage, so you can determine whether your kitty is using the bathroom more or less frequently than normal

Which Cats Can Use the Litter Robot 4?

The Litter Robot 4 is intended to be suitable for all kinds of cats, regardless of their age. The solution is suitable for kittens, however, it’s worth noting that the entry space can be a little high for younger cats, so you might want to consider investing in a ramp or a set of stairs. 

Additionally, if you’re caring for a very young kitten, it might be best to avoid using the fully automated features of the litter box for a while. 

The product uses a “SmartScale” sensor to determine when cats are actively using the litter tray. Cats weighing less than 3lb might not trigger the sensor effectively, so it’s best to use the product in semi-automatic mode, just in case. 

This basically means you leave the Litter Robot unplugged and switched off until you’re ready for the system to scoop out any waste. It’s also worth noting that while the Litter Robot 4 is designed to give your cat a comfortable and spacious bathroom experience, it may take a while for some kitties to get used to it. 

Even with its quiet operation, the litter robot can be a daunting product for some smaller cats. We’d recommend setting it up in “offline” mode for a while until your feline friends get used to the spinning motion, so you don’t frighten them off! 

Another point to keep in mind is that the Litter Robot 4 is suitable for use with all kinds of litter. 

You can use virtually any scoopable or clumping litter, as well as beads and crystal litters, provided the choice of litter is small enough to fit through the sifting grate. Pellet-based litters may not be ideal depending on the size of the pellets, however. 

Litter Robot 4: Features

The Litter Robot 4 is the most advanced Litter Robot on the market today, featuring highly-rated Wi-Fi compatibility, and intelligent self-cleaning features. It works to automatically eliminate the task of cleaning up after your kitty, so you can avoid scooping waste on a daily basis. 

Compared to the Litter Robot 3, the previous solution on the market, the Litter Robot 4 includes the same patented sifting system. 

Litter robot 4 colors

The product, which comes in two colors, is also suitable for multiple cats, comes with built-in sensors to keep your kitty safe, and has easy-to-clean modular components.

However, there are some additional bonus features to explore in the Litter Robot 4. 

For instance, there’s an optional OdorTrap System, which helps to neutralize litter box odors with a carbon filter. The SafeCat system has also been upgraded with omniscience detection for real-time tracking of waste and litter levels. The Litter Robot 4 also comes with an enlarged waste drawer, a wider opening for increased cat comfort, and a quiet sift-cleaning cycle. 

Core features of the product include:

  • Smartphone app with notifications when a cleaning cycle is complete
  • Color-coded lights to let you know what the device is doing
  • WiFi-enabled Litter-Robots for smartphone control
  • Ultra-quiet performance, even during sifting cycles
  • Manual cleaning modes, and options for emptying all litter
  • Nightlight for visibility during the evenings
  • Included fence and step to minimize litter tracking
  • Monitoring for litter box usage on your smartphone
  • Odor control system for reducing unwanted smells
  • Enhanced litter-sifting technology limits dust

Notably, the included carbon filter within the Litter Robot 4 will only last for a couple of months, so you may need to consider replacing these with packs from the Litter-Robot website. 

Additionally, if you want to leverage extra features, such as cat litter box liners, ramps, and steps, you can find a range of accessories available for the Litter Robot on the website

The Litter Robot 4 also comes with a “WhiskerCare” 1 year warranty. This is a comprehensive protection plan that ensures you can get an instant replacement of your device if anything goes wrong. 

There’s also an extended plan available to cover accidental damage, power surges, electrical and mechanical breakdowns, and software issues. During your warranty period, the Litter Robot team will resolve any issues you might have with no charge, with free shipping both ways. 

whisker litter robot 4

Litter Robot 4 Review: Set up

As mentioned above, you can set your Litter Robot 4 up with virtually any kind of litter small enough to fit through the sifting holes. There’s also the option to use the litter bags and liners available directly from the company’s accessory store, but you can also use your own standard trash bags. We used our own bags, and found they worked perfectly. 

The good news is that setting up the Litter Robot 4 is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is take the 24-pound product out of its box and add some litter to the main compartment. 

Put a bag in the waste bin, for easy cleanup, and you’ll be ready to go. While the product is a little hefty, it’s primarily made from lightweight plastic, so you should be able to move it into the right spot without much of a problem. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can link it to your phone in no time. 

The Litter Robot 4 requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal and comes with an app available to use on both Android and iOS devices. We didn’t have any problems linking the device to the app on our phone, but some customers do say it takes a little while for everything to sync. 

If you don’t have the best internet connection, you might struggle with getting everything set up initially. 

Litter Robot 4: Ease of Use

Once you’ve got your Litter Robot 4 up and running, using the system is extremely straightforward. The durable device is even extremely easy to clean, thanks to its modular structure, which allows you to remove certain parts to gain access to everything. 

Cleaning out the Litter Robot’s waste bin is extremely straightforward, provided you’ve already set up your own trash bag. You can stick to using Whisker’s products, or you can choose just about any other litter bag you like. 

litter-robot 4

The company does recommend wiping down the internal components of your automated litter box about once a month when refreshing the litter with a new batch. This process is pretty easy to do, but you might need some help if you need to drag the system outside. 

The Litter Robot 4’s mobile app also does an excellent job of keeping you informed about what’s going on with your litter tray. 

Both the Apple iOS app and the Android app are available to download. You can get alerts when your litter is running low when your waste bin is full, and more. There’s even a fantastic dashboard where you can track how often your cat is going to the litter tray, just in case you need to consider seeing a vet

The app also allows you to keep track of your cat’s weight, so you can monitor any issues associated with weight loss and weight gain that might be detrimental to your cat’s health. 

Litter Box Scooping System

You will experience a scoop-free lifestyle with the Litter-Robot's patented sifting method, which discreetly separates your cat's waste from clean litter, guaranteeing a fresh litter bed with each use. Ypu'll also get to enjoy superior odor management with the optional OdorTrap™ System, which combats litter box smells using a sealed waste drawer, carbon filter, or OdorTrap™ Packs. 

It also allows you to keep track of litter and waste drawer levels in real-time with advanced software

What Cat Litter Works Well with The Litter Robot 4?

The Litter-Robot functions effectively with nearly all types of clumping cat litter or scoopable cat litter. Small litter beads and crystals that can pass through the device's screen are also compatible. 

However, the Litter-Robot is unsuitable for strictly absorbent, non-clumping, weakly-clumping, paper-based, or wood-based pellet litters. We recommend using high-quality, all-natural cat litter for the best Litter-Robot experience

Can I Use Pretty Litter With The Litter Robot 4?

The simple answer is yes. In our Pretty Litter review we rated it as a great option because of the way it changes color to give you an indication of issues with your cat's health.  On top of that it's a great cat litter even without that additional feature.

The grains of the Pretty Litter are perfectly suited to the automated sifting action of the Litter Robot 4, so we wouldn't hesistate to say yoiu can use it.

Holly tested Pretty Litter in her Litter Robot 4, alongside her usual Dr Elsey's litter and founbf that it coped just as well with either.

litter robot

Find Out More about Litter Robot 4 HERE!

Litter Robot 4 Review: Is it Good Value?

The Litter Robot 4 is available for around $699 and comes with two colors to choose from. If you want to build on your automated tray with additional accessories, such as a ramp or set of stairs, then you might need to expect to pay a little more. Plus, there’s the cost of any replacement bags or filters you want to buy to consider too. It can definitely add up to a pretty expensive purchase. 

With that in mind, however, the Litter Robot 4 makes up for its extravagant price tag with a fantastic feature set. 

Everything from the odor control to the intelligent app is fantastic for pet owners. You’ll be able to reduce the time you spend on scooping the litter tray and ensure you’re still informed about any health issues your cat could be experiencing. 

The Litter Robot 4 works seamlessly and quietly in the background, to the point where you might not even notice it’s completing a cleaning cycle. 

We only realized the product was done cleaning itself when we got an alert on our phone. This is a great thing when you consider most automated litter boxes make quite a racket when they’re cleaning themselves.

Litter Robot 4: Pros and Cons

For the most part, we loved everything about the Litter Box 4. It’s a little chunky and space-consuming, but it looks fantastic, like having a mini spaceship in your home. It also works brilliantly, with very few errors or maintenance problems. 

Add that to the odor control and the ease of use the product offers, and it’s easy to see why this product is so popular.

All that being said, however, there are a few downsides to be aware of too, including the massive price tag. Here are the main pros and cons we recommend considering before you buy this product:


  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Convenient to clean
  • Attractive and modern globe design
  • Spacious and comfortable for cats
  • Suitable for many kinds of litter
  • Saves time on cleaning up
  • Excellent odor control (virtually no smell)
  • Lots of accessories to choose from
  • Fantastic app with lots of useful insights
  • Comes with an amazing 1-year warranty
  • Extremely quiet performance


  • May take a little while to sync at first
  • Some larger pellet litters might not be suitable
  • Maybe a bit extravagant for just one cat
  • Expensive pricing
  • No hard copy of a manual included

Litter Box 4: Awesome!

As we said above and as Holly says in the video, if you can afford to drop $700 then this is a game changing way to deal with cat mess and cat litter in your home.

Automated litter boxes have been getting better and more sophisticated for the last ten years or so and it really feels like the Litter Robot 4 has finally nailed it. No difficult plumbing and super simple to use. Plus it’s near enough 100% effective.

We’d certainly recommend the Litter Robot 4 if you’re looking for an automated litter box. It is well-designed to save you time and cut down on smelly litter trays. The product is easy to use, convenient, and brimming with great features. 

However, it might be a little too expensive for some cat owners with just one cat. We think this product will typically deliver the most value to multi-cat households, and pet parents who have trouble keeping on top of the litter tray.

litter robot

No More Sifting Smelly Cat Litter!

We think it's PAWSOME!

Hidden Litter Robot Furniture - The Coastal Credenza

You've made it this far and, like Holly, maybe you have already purchased a Litter Robot 4 (or one of the earlier models).

There's one downside that you might not have thought about. This thing is kinda big. It takes up space and whilst it looks kinda cool, it's probably not the sort of thing you want sitting in the corner of a living room.

If you don't have a space in a utility room or somewhere out of the way to keep it, then you're likely going to want to find a way to hide it away from view.

That's where this Litter Robot furniture comes in.

Made by Litter Robot themselves, this stylish credenza is made from a wood composite and is available in a white coastal farmhouse finish. It's made to be the perfect size for the Litter Robot 4 (and any earlier versions) and keeps your Litter Robot out of sight and is a smart attractive piece of furniture in its own right.

It has an opening on the left side for your cat to access the Litter Robot and three opening doors to the front so you can get in there and do the litter change.

As with the Litter Robot itself this Coastal Credenza isn't cheap but as a bespoke solution for hiding your Litter Robot it's the only perfect custom made answer.

Hide Your Litter Robot!

Custom Made Hideaway Furniture

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