7 Best Cat Litter Box Liners of 2023

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Author:  Dexter Jones

Let’s face it, however much we love the kitties in our lives, maintaining a litter box is not the most glamorous aspect of a cat-owner’s life, is it? But if we could help you make that chore easier and quicker, what would you say? Read on, and I’ll tell you all the magic of cat litter box liners! 

No matter how many cats you have in your life, or what their temperament or breed, litter trays and scooping poop is one of those smelly, but necessary roles for any dedicated owner. 


My two cats have access to the garden and could, in theory, do all their business in the fresh air. Do they want to? No, of course not. They prefer a fresh, clean litter box, safely tucked away indoors. Their wish is my command.

Along with the choice of litter and the litter box itself, another item to consider is cat litter box liners. Here we are going to help you discover how this simple product could change the way you clean litter boxes forever. We’ll have a look at the kinds of  cat litter box liners on offer, and which would be the best type for your needs.

Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners

Our choice is the Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, the best Cat Litter Box Liners you can buy for your cat!

Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, Unscented, Jumbo Size, 36' x 19' - 7 Count | Kitty Litter Bags, Cat Litter Liners for All Cats to Keep Your Home Clean

Who Should Buy Cat Litter Box Liners

Cat litter box liners are there to make your life easier when it comes to cleaning out the litter box. Whether you have a house full of cats, or a single kitty who reigns supreme, this is all about saving you time and effort. Regular maintenance becomes easier and more hygienic for you.

Whichever kind of litter you use, at some point it is still crucial to change the entire contents of the tray and make sure everything is clean and fresh.

If you use a clumping litter, you can scoop out solids and soiled litter at least once a day, and clean the entire litter box on a monthly basis. 

If you use non-clumping litter, scoop out any solids on a daily basis and have a complete freshen up with new litter at least once a week. 

Without a  cat litter box liner, you will need to use a mild disinfectant to clean the tray each week or month, sometimes having to scrub away at the box to get it properly clear of any residue. 

But there is an alternative. For those with a  cat litter box liner, you simply remove the contents to dispose of all in one go. Job done.Without the heavy-duty cleaning job, you save time and it also protects the litter box itself from becoming tired and tarnished.  

For those of you who have a clumping style of litter, there are even litter box liners designed to do the sifting work for you. This is aimed at reducing waste and separating the soiled litter from the clean, and we’ll look at one of those in more detail too. 

Most  cat litter box liners are made to fit litter boxes of various sizes. Whatever the size or shape of the litter box your cats use, there will be one to suit your needs.

Cat litter box liners are for you if you are tired of the same old cleaning regime, and are looking for a quick, efficient and hygienic way to dispose of soiled litter.


Important Features to Consider with Litter Box Liners

When it comes to choosing the right liner, there are a few factors to think about, even for such a simple and inexpensive item. The factors that follow have all been considered in the products we have reviewed for you

  • A Good Fit: Having a good fit is crucial, to make sure it works well. You’ll need to measure your litter box carefully so the  cat litter box liner fits along the bottom and the sides. It’s a good idea to have an inch or two of overlap around the sides, especially for an open design, just the same way you would fit a bin liner.
  • Drawstrings & Elastic: Cat litter box liners with drawstrings or elastic are sometimes popular in order to help them stay put. Some cats may like to enthusiastically cover their business, dislodging a liner. With the drawstring option, you can tighten it around the base of the tray to keep it in place better.
  • Durability: Different kinds of cat litter box liners will be made in varying thicknesses. This is why plastic shopping bags or bin liners don’t work well as substitutes, as they just aren’t thick enough. For dealing with cats claws, they need to be more durable, especially if you have a feline who likes to dig.
  • Scented or unscented: While this is a personal preference, I would recommend unscented versions for the sake of your cat. Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell, much more finely tuned than ours, and it’s always good to bear that in mind. Litter box problems are difficult to deal with, and anything to help avoid any issues is worth it.
  • Sifting: There is a kind of cat litter box liner that comes in two parts, and is designed to sift soiled litter from the unused parts. While this is designed to save waste, it will only work if you use a very fine clumping litter.
  • Price: Generally an inexpensive item, most liners work out at less than a dollar each. The most expensive are edging closer to $2. Most come in various pack sizes too, so you can choose whether to buy in bulk or stick to the smaller packs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a litter box liner and how does it work?

Litter tray liners in their simplest form, are sheets of plastic. They go inside the litter box when it is clean, dry and empty. You then pour the litter on top of it, into the box. The liner forms a barrier between the litter and the box, preventing any soiled litter from sticking the base, and protecting the tray itself too.

How do you use a kitty litter box liner?

First of all you will need to measure your litter box to make sure the cat litter box liner you buy will fit. It needs to cover the base of the pan and go up the sides too, to make sure nothing sticks, and everything will be contained within the liner. 

When you have your chosen litter box liner, start with a clean and empty litter box. Then simply take the liner, and fit it to the tray. If it has a rubber band, or a drawstring, use this to help really secure it in place.

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Next simply fill the litter box with your chosen litter. During the week, scoop out any soiled matter to dispose of as usual. When it comes to the time to replace it all, lift everything out of the tray within the liner, tie it up and throw it away all in one. The litter box should be perfectly clean and ready for a new liner, and clean litter.

How often should I change a litter box liner?

The litter box liner should be changed as part of your regular cleaning routine. This will depend on which type of litter you use - whether clumping or non-clumping - how many cats use the litter box and whether they have access to toilet outside or not. 

Generally speaking, most litter boxes would need to be completely cleaned out at least once a week for non-clumping litter, and monthly for the clumping type of litter. This is the time when you dispose of, and change, the whole contents of the litter box, including the liner.


Will my cat get used to his cat litter box liner?

It’s very unlikely that your cat will even notice whether there is a liner there or not, as long as they don’t get a claw caught in it.

Why do cats scratch at the litter box?

One issue with litter box liners is that cats who like to dig in their litter, or around the box itself, will often get their claws caught in the plastic, or end up tearing it. While this can be frustrating, it is natural behaviour that we can do little about. 

Our cats’ ancestors living in the wild, would be very careful to stay under the radar from any potential predators. They would also want to be unnoticed by their prey, so covering over any sign - or scent - that would indicate their presence was creating risk. 

The kitties we live with often go with what instinct tells them to do, so covering over their business by digging around is completely normal. However, you may have a cat like mine, who seems to scratch everywhere around the litter box and achieve absolutely nothing. Other than the fact that he isn’t very bright, there is no explanation for that.

Unfortunately there is no way to stop this, and claws catching the cat litter box liner is simply something we need to live with. We will, however, consider the durability of each liner in the reviews below.

Our 7 Best Cat Litter Box Liners

Now you’ve decided that a litter box liner would be a great addition to your cleaning routine, it’s time to choose which would be the best option for you. Here’s a round-up of the best-selling products on the market today.

1. Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners - Best Overall Cat Litter Box Liner Option

These cat litter box liners come in two sizes, large or jumbo, so will fit the majority of litter boxes and have a drawstring to help them stay in place. You can choose your pack size, and whether you prefer scented or unscented, so this option really covers all bases.

At 2mil thick, this is one of the tougher litter box liners available. They do claim that your kitty won’t be able to tear through this liner. That’s not quite true, it really depends on your cat and how enthusiastic they are at covering up and digging in the tray. Compared to many others on the market though, this one really stands up well for durability.

Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, Unscented, Jumbo Size, 36' x 19' - 7 Count | Kitty Litter Bags, Cat Litter Liners for All Cats to Keep Your Home Clean


  • Come in a choice of two sizes
  • Scented or unscented available
  • Drawstring to help them stay in place
  • Thick and strong


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Cat claws will rip them easily

2. Jonny Cat Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners - Best Heavy Duty Cat Litter Box Liner Option

These cat litter box liners are jumbo size, and will fit cat litter boxes up to 22 x 18 inches, both covered and uncovered. Again they are 2mil in thickness, so only the most enthusiastic litter-box diggers with the sharpest claws would be able to break through this plastic with their claws! 

They are fitted with a drawstring to help with a really secure fit, and easy disposal.

JONNY CAT Litter Box Liners: Heavy Duty - Tear & Leak Resistant - Drawstring Close - Jumbo, 5 Count


  • Jumbo size to fit most litter boxes
  • 2mil thick, tear resistant plastic
  • Drawstring fitting
  • Unscented


  • Not quite big enough for super large boxes
  • Not totally tear proof

3. Pettiny 20 Cat Litter Box Liners - Best Jumbo Cat Litter Box Liner Option

These cat litter box liner are great for large litter boxes up to 23 x 19 inches. Made from recycled material, the company claims that these litter box liner are especially durable due to the polymer they are made from, making them scratch, rip and tear resistant. 

A versatile liner, they can be adapted for use in covered or open litter boxes, and even corner, or oddly shaped trays. 

They are fitted with a drawstring to make disposal easy, but do be aware they are quite weak and prone to breaking. As long as you are aware of this though, they are still a great option.

Pettiny 20 XL Cat Litter Box Liners with Drawstrings Scratch Resistant Cat Litter Bags for Extra Large Litter Trays


  • Versatile for different shaped litter boxes
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Scratch, rip and tear resistant


  • Drawstrings are prone to breaking
  • Liners are shallow

4. Van Ness Large Drawstring Valu-Pak Cat Pan Liners - Best Budget Cat Litter Box Liner Option

The lowest priced cat litter box liner of our selection, these are great for those looking for an economical, straightforward option. They still have the drawstring feature, making cleaning and disposal super easy. 

They are made from 65% recycled plastic, and while they are thinner than other cat litter box liners we have featured here, they still hold up surprisingly well. They have a 3-ply construction, so while little claws might catch on one layer of the liner, they are less likely to make a hole right the way through.

Van Ness Pets Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, Unscented, Large Size, 36” x 18”, 20 Count


  • Fits litter boxes of 19 x 15 inches
  • Drawstring fitting
  • Recycled material
  • Well priced


  • Thinner, prone to ripping
  • Don’t fit all box sizes

5. KONE Cat Litter Box Liners - Best Leak Proof Cat Litter Box Liner Option

Another of the 2 mil extra-thick liner options, these cat litter box liners are also made with a ‘slicker non-stick coating’. This is aimed at making everything easier to use your pooper-scooper in-between litter changes. 

This company is committed to only using brand-new materials, rather than any recycled plastic. They will fit a litter box up to 18 x 23 inches, so it’s not one for the larger sizes.

KONE Cat Litter Box Liners, 14 Count Jumbo Extra Durable Large Drawstring Kitty Litter Pan Bags Cat Waste Litter Bags Pet Cat Supplies (36' x 18')


  • Contains no perfumes or deodorants
  • Made from brand new material - no recycling
  • For smaller size litter boxes
  • Non-stick coating for easy scooping


  • Do not fit big boxes
  • Not recycled. Not Green

6. Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable, Sifting Liners - Best Sifting Cat Litter Box Liner Option

If your kitties use a clumping style of litter, then you might want to consider using a sifting style of cat litter box liner. They have holes in the plastic, so when you lift it away from the litter box, all the clean litter filters through back into the tray, leaving only the soiled litter to throw away. 

Rather than having drawstrings, these litter box liners come with a rubber band in each pack to hold them in place. While this can have advantages for fitting to different shapes of litter boxes, it’s not always the most secure way to hold in place. 

These litter box liner are made from a kind of material that makes them quite crinkly. While this may seem to suggest a cheaper option, that’s certainly not the case here. If your cat does catch a claw on the liner, with this style, they may puncture the plastic, but they are much less likely to tear.

Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable, Sifting Liners- 10-Pack + 1 Transfer Liner-For Large, X-Large, Giant, Extra-Giant Size Litter Boxes-Included Rubber Band for Firm, Easy Fit - Pack of 3


  • Sifting style for clumping litters
  • Rubber band for easy fit
  • Will fit most sizes and shapes of litter box


  • Thinner than some others
  • Cost

7. BOS Amazing Odor Sealing Cat Litter Disposal Bags - Best Disposable Cat Litter Box Liner Bag

Now, while we’ve been concentrating on cat litter box liners, there is still the scooping to be done each day for the solid matter that our lovely kitties produce! These disposal bags are a great option for eliminating the smell quickly and simply when it comes to cleaning out the waste. 

The bags come in four different sizes, according to your needs and are very simple to use. Simply place the waste inside the bag, tie a knot in it and the bag will hold all odours and bacteria safely away. While they don’t quite block 100% of the smell when they’re tied up, they really do a better job than many standard alternatives. 

They are durable enough to hold cat litter without any risk of tearing, you could even use them for any other smelly rubbish around the house, such as baby diapers or food waste.

BOS Amazing Odor Sealing Cat Waste Disposal Bags - Durable and Unscented [Size: M, Color: Light blue] (90 count, Pack of 1) (90 Bags)


  • Disposal bags that help block the smell once tied
  • Four different size options
  • Multipurpose, if you wish
  • Seals odours


  • Not biodegradable
  • Cost

Finishing Thoughts on Cat Litter Box Liners

Life is hectic these days and time is precious. Many of us would like to take any option to make our lives a little simpler and more straightforward. Cat litter box liner may not be the fanciest or most glamorous of objects, but if they can give us back an extra half hour each week, what’s not to love about that?

The fact that cat litter box liners create a low-cost, time-saving option is undeniable. You may find you need to try one or two different types of litter box liner before you find one that really suits your kitty’s needs, but once you do, you’re all set to repeat your winning formula.

Our Best Overall cat litter box liner option, the Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, we recommend as a great place to start. It has the most potential for ticking all those boxes for a variety of litter box needs. With two size options, and a choice of scented or unscented this is a versatile, inexpensive option.

How will you spend your extra time saved? How about extra cuddles or playtime with your feline companion? Sounds perfect to me.

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Dexter Jones has been a solid member of the ‘Mad Cat Dad’ club since time began! Dexter has been a keen cat writer for many years and lives in Croatia. He lives with his two tabby cats, Milly & Marly, who also flew in from the UK to start their new Adriatic island life together.