25 Year Old “Mummy Cat” Shot Down By Teenage Thugs

The Parker family from Worcestershire, UK have been left devastated after one of the world’s oldest cats was shot dead by cruel teenage yobs. Mummy Cat had reached the grand age of 25, which is 118 in human years, was on course to break the record as the world’s oldest cat.


A family member of grandfather Brian Parker had confronted the teenagers, who claimed they were out shooting rabbits, just moments before his beloved cat was gunned down. She was shot twice at close range, once in the abdomen and once in the eye. Brian rushed Mummy Cat to the vets who told him the facial bullet was sitting too close to her brain so she would have to be put down.

The distraught grandfather said: “She was so fit and healthy and she would have gone on for plenty of years, I’m sure of that. I don’t understand how people could shoot a cat that does not harm anyone. It is disgusting. She was very friendly, she always wanted attention.” He added, “It’s an awful thing to happen to a cat who would just stretch out in the conservatory or sit outside watching the world go by. She was very active despite her age and loved to play.”


Brian, who is a lock keeper for the Canal and River Trust, said Mummy Cat had kittens with her when she turned up at the family’s home as a stray 25 years ago. He added: “She was a tabby cat and she had really big feet and had about 10 toes. Mummy Cat was on course to be the oldest cat in the world and it is sad that her life was ended in such a barbaric way.”

Brian’s daughter Laura said that Mummy Cat was so friendly that was probably going to greet the attackers who were stalking her. The family and all who knew her are heartbroken, not only by the loss, but by the fact that it occurred as a result of an unnecessary evil attack.

Evidence: Pellet holes could be seen in targets near to the cat’s home

Evidence: Pellet holes could be seen in targets near to the cat’s home

The savage attack comes just days after research by Cats Protection revealed 44 per cent of vets have treated cats who have been victims of air weapons in the last year. A spokesperson for the cat welfare charity said: “We’re very sorry to hear of the death of Mummy Cat and would like to express our sympathies to her owner. The report we have heard suggesting that she was shot twice at close range is extremely upsetting and we would urge anyone with any information to please contact the RSPCA or the police. It is vital that we do all that can to ensure wicked cats like this do not go unpunished.”

Local police confirmed that officers were investigating the incident but so far no arrests have been made.

( h/t: dailymail )

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Veronica Millar - June 7, 2016

That is just heartbraking , I hope they fing these so called humanbings and throw the book at them hard!!!

Tracy Jones - June 7, 2016

losers. i hope they find them and prosecute tothe fullest extent

Jo-Ann Bailie - June 7, 2016

Shoot the bastard.

Joan Rosenblatt - June 7, 2016

so sad these savages need to be caught and punished KARMA wil get you everytime

Bessie Louise Nickerson - June 7, 2016

i certainly dont agree with abuse but a good spanking when kids are out of control worked better than a time outchair

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