52 Cats Go Missing in Austrian Town

At least 52 Cats have gone missing over the past few months in the Austrian town Frauenkirchen.

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Cats are going missing in a town in Austria while others have returned home with unexplained injuries. Authorities in the southern town of Frauenkirchen said they were investigating the suspected cat-nappings of 52 animals. Locals are concerned that some of the animals are being tortured, and there are fears the missing cats have been killed.

Cats that have been taken to the vets with various injuries and it appears that these injuries are not due to car accidents or fighting but are actually caused by a blow of some sort and other injuries are consistent with being caught in a trap.

Otto Bierbaum, head of animal rescue in the Burgenland district, says: “I was first called by Frauenkirchen residents registering their missing pets at the beginning of the year. In the past months the messages have piled up. It’s mad that one individual can intimidate an entire village. The alleged perpetrator should be known and be sentenced before for aggravated assault.”

After posting to social media about the issue, he received further messages about other missing cats. Burgenländische Animal Rescue has informed the police and an investigation was ongoing.

Let’s hope that they discover a reason for these disappearances very soon.

via: theindependent

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