Cat Left Paralysed By Man Drags Herself To Where She Left Her Kittens

A stray cat, later named Princess, has been left paralysed for life after a man allegedly swung her by the tail and smashed her against a trailer for entering his garden. Police have now charged a 58-year-old man with animal cruelty after the cat suffered from a broken spine and legs.

Princess had given birth to a litter of kittens at the property next door to where the man lives the day before she was seriously injured. Police said the boy who lives next door saw him allegedly swing the cat by her tail and hit her against a trailer and left her for dead.

The boy and his mother, who had been feeding the stray cat for some time, also believed Princess was dead and called an animal rescue shelter to pick up the litter of kittens.

But Princess was not dead and the next day she managed to drag herself back to where she left her kittens where help was at hand and she was rushed to the same animal shelter to be treated.

Unfortunately this incredible cat is now paralysed for life and will never regain the use of her bladder, which sadly for her means she will be prone to bladder infections.

Dee Walton from the animal shelter in Australia who took her in says: “This girl has so much fight in her, she can teach us all a thing or two about not giving up and to fight for your right to live. She’s certainly an inspiration.” She added, “Even though she can’t feel any pain in her bottom half, she still would be sore above and around the fractured back. It can take eight weeks for that sort of injury to settle down.”

princess 1

Princess will remain at the shelter where she will receive the constant attention she needs and the kittens, once ready, will be put up for adoption.

princess 2

More info at: Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue

( h/t: Dailymail )

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Darlene Radovic Bernd - June 8, 2016

There's a special place in hell for that POS

Megan Cheek - June 8, 2016

that asshole deserves to be killed and left for dead too animals are humans too i believe the the who mistreat animals deserve to be trwated the sae as animals do its so wrong and disrespectful i am sorry but to tell u the gods honest truth we may have been born from our parents but what u dont realize is without the help from god nobody would be hear look it up and start reading the good book and going to church what these ppl do are worse then sin it murder and disrespect and if god wanted to he could tke ppls lives away he put us here he can take us

Ann Mullen Barry - June 9, 2016

surely that guy's organs could be harvested and put to better use ?

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