Cats Sit in Circles – Science is Astounded!

Posted in Cat News - Last Updated: October 20, 2014 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat News 
Last Updated: October 20, 2014  
Author:  Jan Travell

We trawl a LOT of sites every day looking for stories, photos, and videos about cats and just occasionally we find something like this.

Over the last 24 hours Reddit has been all of a flutter about the very non-scientific deduction that cats simply cannot stop themselves from sitting in any kind of a man-made circle.

This appears to be especially true if the circle is specifically where you do NOT want them to sit.

Obviously, this is very big news for all mankind – cat circles are something science should be studying. Much more important than those pesky crop circles!

Redditors have now tried all sorts of shapes but have decided that the humble circle is the preferred method for this humane form of cat entrapment. Hexagons and septagons seem to do just as well but aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

We expect to hear news of a major scientific study of this ‘Cats sit in circles’ phenomenon later today. We’ll keep you updated….

The sequence of photos below from an imgur user show the development of the hypothesis and prove beyond any doubt that this is a significant day for world science.

If you want to follow along with the groundbreaking research being done by the folks who hang out at Reddit, you need to head here….!!!!

cats sit bin

The first ‘cat circle’ is prepared.

cat sits in circle trio

The cat cannot resist.

cat sitting in a circle

Coralled within the force field of the scientifically unproven device!

cat septagon

Will a seven sided shape (a septagon, to you and me!) work just as well?

cat approaches the septagon

The cat is entranced by the new trap…

cat in septagon

Success, the cat has no self-control and must sit in the septagon!

cat septagon food

It seems that being within the force field of the circle or septagon does not diminish the need for the cat to be fed. Hence, the ‘look’!

cat small circle test

But, what if we test a smaller shape? Which will our cat choose?

cat heads to smaller circle

We should have know from previous research with cats and boxes that small is always better. Too small is always best!

cat sits in smallest circle

And, in conclusion, we see that the hypothesis must be true!

Who needs scientists!?

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