Here’s How You Can Continue To See Cat & Kittens On Facebook

You’ve probably heard that Facebook is making changes to its news feed. As a result, you may no longer see our posts in your news feed. That was very disappointing to us because we get a lot of our inspiration by interacting with you on Facebook. We are interested in your comments and reactions. They help us choose the posts that you want to see.

Now there’s a simple, easy way for you to continue to see our posts:


Go to the Cats and Kitten Facebook page.

Tap the “Following” button

Tap on “Get Notifications First” and “See First”

ON PC and MAC:

Go to the Cats and Kitten Facebook page.

Click the down arrow on the “Following” button at the top of our page to display your options in the drop-down menu.

Under “In Your News Feed,” click “See First.”

Under “Notifications,” select “On.”

That’s it! Easy and simple. And now you’ll see our Cats and Kittens posts every time.

And don’t forget to like, comment and share – your feedback is important to us.

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