Cat Does Not Understand Why Chickens Are So Obsessed With Him

Meet Scruffles! He’s a big kitty with an even bigger following on Instagram.

chickens 1

His family affectionally call him “fat cat!”

chickens 3

But it’s not only his 49,000 Instagram followers that are captivated by him, the family chickens are obsessed, they can’t get enough of him!

chickens 2

Scruffles loves to pose and the chickens regularly line up to see what he’s up to through the glass door.

chickens 4

Although his favorite past time is lying around doing nothing, he will always strike a pose for his eager audience.

chickens 5

Even the chicks can’t get enough of him!

chickens 6

He doesn’t understand why they’re so obsessed with him, but they are.

chickens 7

Watch the video:

You can see more of Scruffles on Instagram

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