Heroic Mama Cat Risks Life To Save Her Kittens From Barn Fire

Posted in Cat Stories - Last Updated: August 17, 2021 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: August 17, 2021  
Author:  Jan Travell

Heroic mother cat Minka did not hesitate to bravely rush into a burning barn to save her kittens.

She sustained multiple burns and had inhaled smoke after she repeatedly rushed into the burning barn, hoping to save her kittens.


Tragically, she didn’t manage to save all of her little ones, but she did save one – a little black kitten named Francis.

He also sustained injuries from the fire and the owners of the barn did their best to help the semi-feral mother and baby to recover.


Realizing they needed more help than they could offer, they contacted Furget Me Not Animal Rescue who took them both in and Minka was treated for pain, X-rayed to determine the extent of the smoke inhalation damage to her lungs and given some much needed antibiotics.

“She has severe burns to her belly, so her sweet little boy will be going to a loving foster home as soon as he’s medically cleared to leave HQ,” explained one of the rescuers on Facebook.


Although Minka is still on the road to recovery things are looking up for this heroic mama cat. Because of all the help she received Minka has been socialized and is no longer feral.

Both she and her little Francis are enjoying all the wet food they can eat and we wish them all the best for their future.


Watch the video to see their progress:


You can find out more about Furget Me Not Animal Rescue here

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